Crazy Guy Dangles Above The Earth At Terrifying Heights

Crazy Guy Dangles Above The Earth At Terrifying Heights
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“Mustang Wanted” is a crazy Ukrainian guy who loves having his photo taken as he dangles from buildings at preposterous heights. The resulting images will stop your heart.

At first you wonder what compels somebody to want climb to these high places without any safety restraints. Just to show off? Is this just bizarre exhibitionism?

In fairness, some of these photos are breathtaking.

But you want to reach out and grab this guy and pull him to safety before he falls. Or before somebody crushes his grip.

“Snap out of it man! You cannot do this. These glorious photos are not worth it. You are going to die!”

Then you think to yourself, “these photos must be ‘shopped.”

“Nobody is this crazy. This can’t possibly be real.”

It is so, so real.

[Mustang Wanted via PetaPixel]