Check Out These 20,000 Art Photos You Can Do Whatever You Want With

The internet is jam-packed with images for the taking, but thanks to pesky copyrights, you aren't allowed to use most of them. The Los Angeles Community Museum of Art just put a bunch in the pile you can use.

The LACMA has been offering free, hi-res downloads of some of its artworks it deems to be public domain for a while. It has been offering 2000 for the past two years. Now, with the launch of its new collections website, it has increased that number by a factor of 10.

You can search or browse through the images over at the new site by checking a little box asking that it only return you free-use images. Because we're talking public domain, you won't find anything newer than 1925, but there's plenty of fodder when it comes to ancient stuff. And it's all completely free to do whatever you could possibly want with it. So the next time you need a stock image of some classy, old-school art, check out the LACMA's stash before you grab something off Shutterstock. [LACMA]

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