Bluetooth Gramophone: The Ideal Way To Stream Your Vintage Albums

Sure, vinyl has that warm fuzzy feeling that digital recordings just seem to be lacking. But filling a smartphone with hundreds of MP3s of classic albums is a lot easier than filling your garage with hundreds of records packed in crates. So if you've still got a soft spot for the vintage sound of a gramophone, but prefer the convenience of digitally storing your music collection, the Bluetooth Gramovox packs the best of both worlds into a lovely accent piece.

Designed by Pavan Bapu and Jeff Parrish — who wanted a more authentic way to enjoy their favourite jazz recordings — the Gramovox's minimalist wooden base doesn't have to get cluttered up with patch cables or electronics. You just leave it in a corner, and when you're ready for some Billie Holiday, you can stream her from whatever modern device you choose.

While the Gramovox will be available sometime later this year, it's important to remember that sounding authentic doesn't necessarily equate to sounding good.

[Gramovox via Ubergizmo]

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