BlackBerry Z10 Gets Priced On Optus

Ahead of the official Australian launch and the arrival of company CEO, Thorsten Heins, in a few weeks, Optus has today released prices for the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone on its 4G network. Here's how much it is and when you can get it.

Optus has opened up pre-orders for the BlackBerry Z10 today, pricing the device as an extra $6 per month (on a 24 month contract) on either the consumer-level $60 Optus Plan or the business-level $60 Business Complete Plan.

The $60 Optus Plan includes unlimited national voice calls to Optus mobiles, unlimited national SMS as well as $650 eligible call credit and 1.5GB of data.

Deliveries of the device will start from 25 March.

Alternatively, Harvey Norman has priced the BlackBerry Z10 at $733 outright. By going onto an Optus plan, the device only costs you $144 over 24 months (less the cost of the plan).

Do you prefer outright or on-contract handsets?



    so... when can you actually get it? You have only said pre-order.

      Deliveries of the device will start from 25 March.

    Just as I suspected, way out of price bracket, totally justifying my decision to go with an HTC 8S. Not that the decision needed justification, as the 8S has proven to be an excellent choice, easily meeting or exceeding all my needs and expectations.

      This. Good to see consumers are not all just wanting the $700+ handsets... We've all forgotten the mid-market has good offerings too, amongst all this iPhone & Galaxy fan fares for the past few years :)

        Absolutely. If you go into a shop and try them all side-by-side, you'll find that the mid-range offerings are just as slick as the hero phones. At the end of the day we all still ahve to wait around fo rdata to load over the air, so you very quickly get to the point where more power is just a waste of time, money and battery life, unless you feel the need to play super-intensive 3D games on your phone.

    happy with Lumia 620 at this stage. Was using Lumia 820 but too heavy and bulky.

      Actually glad to hear this, how do you find the battery life? Gave my dad my old Dell Venue Pro but could use a decent replacement with a decent battery!

        It's acceptable, but I think the 820 has the best battery stamina. The 620 is not too bad but not as good as 820 I suspect if you use GPS on 620 for driving directions might find you need to charge it pretty quickly.

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