Beautiful Collapsible Cubicles Are An Office Rat's Dream Come True

The cubicle is a horrid monster of office design. While they might be functional, it's never pretty to section off your office into endless false walls, resigning workers into their own little pockets of a giant ice cube tray.

The designers at Taylor and Miller Architecture and Urban Design have a beautiful solution that even packs in some extra features.

Instead of relying on a series of modular walls, Taylor and Miller's system revolves around sleek wooden slabs mounted on a track, each with a built-in, foldable desk of its own. When not in use, all the slabs can be slid into a big space saving cube. When it's time to get down to business, the slabs can be accordioned out with hand cranks, like an old-fashioned filing cabinet but for people instead of papers.

The system just took the jury prize in the office interiors category of the Architizer A+ Awards for its design, and damned if they aren't the only cubicles we've ever seen that look like a joy to work in. The installation process might be a bit much for most cubicle-happy employers, but a drone can dream, can't he?



    seems a bit much (if beautiful) way of providing hot desking space.
    if you close them up, you only have space around the outside of it that is free - this may be more useful if it would compress to one side of the room

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