Be The Biggest Badass On The Bus With This Batpack

A company called UD Replicas — known for making bike leathers based off movie costumes — has brought to life one of Batman's more obscure accessories from the recent Christian Bale films. First seen in The Dark Knight while Batman stands atop a skyscraper in Hong Kong, Batman's backpack can now be yours for about $300.

Crafted from leather, the backpack is actually designed to be worn over the company's replica Batman armour. But there's nothing stopping you from using it to accessorize and badass-up your hoodie and jeans. You probably won't be able to fit more than a couple of textbooks in there, but there appears to be more than enough space for batarangs, smoke bombs, and shark repellant — things you'll actually need to get ahead in life.

[UD Replicas via Chip Chick]

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