Battle The Cold And Smudges With A Screen-Cleaning Blanket

For most people, 'whatever's in reach' usually ends up being the best way to clean their phone or tablet's screen. But to avoid scratches, or just trading fingerprints for a layer of lint, you really should be reaching for a microfibre cloth. And that's made extra easy if you're keeping cosy under this throw.

Created by Berkshire Blankets, a company who presumably knows a thing or two about large pieces of cloth, the Screen Cleaning Throw features a 3-inch microsuede binding around the perimeter that's safe to use with all of your touchscreen devices, glasses, precious jewels or whatever else needs polishing. And for just $US32 you're also getting a medium-weight blanket that's just as effective at battling drafts. [Berkshire Blankets via Geekologie]

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