AppConverters iPad Aquarium: You Supply The Tiny Castle, It Supplies The Fish

If you've always wanted a pet but are so irresponsible that even keeping fish alive is a challenge, you'll be happy to hear you don't have to worry about feeding, cleaning, or even remotely caring for the creatures inhabiting this iPad-powered virtual aquarium.

Using the same optical tricks that power teleprompters, the AppConverters Aquarium uses an angled pane of glass to reflect animated fish from an app running on an iPad sitting on top. All you have to do is add your real-life aquarium decor — like rocks, miniature castles, or treasure chests — behind the glass, and then sacrifice your iPad for hours at a time. Sweetening the deal is a clever trick where the fish all line up to display the time at your request, and an accompanying iPhone app that lets you go fishing in the tank. Whether that's enough to justify the yet-to-be-announced price tag, remains to be seen.

[Wow! Stuff via Pocket-lint]

Picture: Pocket-lint

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