Anybody Want To Buy A Nürburgring?

The iconic racetrack could be yours for a cool $160 million, but you may have a bit of a tough time keeping it profitable.

Autoweek reports on the sale, which had originally attracted around 50 buyers, but has now dropped down to between five and ten prospective bidders. The report notes that the track is unlikely to be made entirely private, but there are issues relating to the ongoing administration costs of the venue. Speaking to Bridge To Gantry, the lead of the Save The Ring site, Mike Frison detailed the exact concerns:

The highest bidder buys the Ring and maximizes his profits to justify the investment. Grass root motorsport will disappear (it's not earning real money) as well as local companies. Their services will be routed through the new Ring owner's monopoly. We have seen clear tendency of that in the Richter/Lindner era over the last 2 years. Accessibility and track time will only be a question of money, all events we know today are at risk. Especially the tourist drives, which are an old dinosaur from the past. From day one to be precise and it would be such a loss. You couldn't blame a private host to turn away from that, but for the atmosphere and the region it would be a disaster. Things which aren't top priority for investors.

So, if you've got a cool $160 million dollars you're not doing anything with, and a passion for motorsport, you know what you should do.

[Autoweek] Image: AnZy1966



    just charge all the Huge car manufactures who test there are ridiculous amount of money to do so, they'll pay it, so they can keep harking on about how their cars are tuned there, then you can keep it cheap for the tourists, so they can still experience it and see what all the fuss is about. I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to raise 16 mil a year justifying the investment, unless there is a lot of upkeep in maintenance. doesn't the F1 go there occasionally too? you can charge them a fortune!

      you have to pay the F1 to come to you. 50mil afaik, for melbourne.

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      F1 goes there only once every two years. They alternate between Nürburgring and Hokenheim for the German GP.

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    Know what? I wish I could buy Nordschleife, and do a Cartmanland on it - Wow, Nürburgring open again - AND YOU CAN'T COME!

      Lets make a mini version for go Karts! with a big cartman in the middle flipping the bird to everybody

      is this a southpark episode? if so, which season?

        Oops, didn't see this for ages.

        S5E06 - Cartmanland.

    Buy it and turn it into an environmental reserve just to piss the non-hippies off.

    "Nuke the race tracks? You don't really believe that, do you?"
    "I dunno, gotta nuke something"

    It's like XKCD, where the guy buys an SUV to confuse hybrid owners by accusing their green cars of being twice as polluting as regular cars. But with nature instead. Or something.

    Instead of letting some manufacturer buy it and "hope" that they don't mess it up, how about we buy it ourselves and secure it's future:

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