An Apple Rep Is Adorably Stalking My Wife

An Apple Rep Is Adorably Stalking My Wife

Good customer service is what Apple is famous for. Its shiny stores, no-questions-asked return policy and a legion of Geniuses all work together to give customers a top-notch experience when Apple gear goes South. So when my wife’s Apple ID was placed into security limbo, I was confident she could get it fixed expediently. What she actually got was so much more than that.

This whole saga started when, on Monday, my wife Milly tried to update her Apple ID to reflect a new credit card and a new married name. We have been married for over two years now, but updating your Apple ID is never high on the list of things to do.

For some reason, this mundane task tripped a few automated alarms on Cupertino’s end, and Milly’s Apple ID was “disabled”. As a result, her iPhone 4S went insane. Find My Friends stopped working, app updates wouldn’t download, iCloud went ballistic and nothing was being backed up. Turns out an Apple ID is actually pretty important.

A quick email to iTunes support strangely didn’t solve anything, instead she was instructed to call the support folks and get her problem sorted there. When she did, her call landed on the desk of a bright young man we’ll call ‘Aaron’.

“Oh my God,” Aaron said after the usual greetings. “Are you from Australia?!”

Milly replied in the affirmative before being asked the usual barrage of questions: “Do you ride Kangaroos?”, “Is it hot right now?”, “How’s Bondi Beach and Julia Gillard?”. Standard conversational stuff.

Aaron, bless his heart, wouldn’t stop asking questions, though. He was genuinely excited to be talking to someone from Down Under.

“You’re my first Australian!” he kept exclaiming on the call.

Problems arose in the support process that meant the total time to fix the disabled Apple ID took around 40 minutes. At one point the call needed to be transferred, but Aaron hung on the line and acted as an intermediary because he didn’t want to transfer away his first Australian caller.

“I’ll just talk to you for them and we’ll get this sorted!”

A few minutes later, he came back on the line, apologised for the delay and reported that the issue had been resolved.

Aaron excitedly signed off, thanking her for her patience and for being an Apple customer. Milly courteously replied before thanking him for the great service before hanging up and going about her evening.

Then it got weird.

An hour later, her phone rang out the email notification tune. Aaron had just emailed Milly from his personal GMail address to her personal Hotmail address.

He opened with:

Im sorry to bother you and i know this is not professional at all but. I gave you some 15 gb of icloud storage. If you have problems later give me a me a holla lol. And now look at it this way you have your apple rep now 🙂 sorry again

Milly replied:


No need to be sorry. Thanks for the storage. I really appreciated your help this morning- thanks for not transferring me again. Did they ever figure out why my account was disabled to begin with? Everything is working fine now. What’s it like working at apple? You seem to love your job 🙂

Aaron hit back:

Ok kool 🙂 and they told me it had something to do with to many attempts and its kool i like it alot your the first person i actually gave my gmail to lol but i like alot hows your day and work

Milly hasn’t yet responded to that one, mostly because it took her by surprise that the Apple rep she spent some time on the phone with today is now adorably stalking her.

I love Apple customer service, but now I’m worried that some of them are just a bit lonely…