After Hours Apps: Best Shopping And Deal Apps

After Hours Apps: Best Shopping And Deal Apps

Payday arrives, and you’ve got some sweet cash sitting in your bank account, just waiting to be spent on the finest consumer delicacies. Which apps should your smartphone be packing to make the most of your money?


OzBargain is a big favourite of ours here at Gizmodo, and while there’s no “official” app per se, there’s plenty of choice. For iOS users, there’s Oz B, Big Bargain or BargainMate. On Android phones, try OzBargainFree while for Windows Phone users, there’s the simply named OzBargain.


BargainDesk collates deals from a variety of sites, and allows you to set your location for any particular nearby deals and region-specific catalogs.

Australian Shopping

Like BargainDesk, Australian Shopping is a collation app, but for Android devices rather than iOS.


If what you’re after is on the gadget/component side, the staticICE app offers a convenient way to do a little price comparison, whether you’re shopping online or checking against a store “special” price.


Lasoo’s one of the best known catalogue search services, with a focus on location based searching for the best deals, as well as physical store locations for when you’re running out of shopping time.


eBay describes itself as “the world’s largest marketplace”, and while it’s not always the bargain frenzy it once was, there are still good deals to be made, as well as a handy way to check against other price points.

Amazon Mobile

Amazon doesn’t have an official Australian presence, and you’ve always got to factor in shipping, but when checking prices for real value, it’s still a highly worthwhile resource.

Got a hot tip on a bargain app we’ve missed out on? Let us know below!

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