ABC Confirms Doctor Who For March 31st

ABC Confirms Doctor Who For March 31st

The good Doctor moves from rumour to reality, with the ABC confirming over the weekend that it’ll broadcast the first episode of the new series on the 31st of March at 7:30pm.

In free to air broadcast terms, that’s when you’ll be able to watch The Bells Of St John, a Steven Moffat penned episode featuring an enemy known as The Spoonheads, as well as “something sinister lurking in the Wi-Fi”. I always knew there was something odd about my home networking setup.

No word as yet as to what the ABC will do in regards to iView showings of Doctor Who, although I suspect the fact that they haven’t announced it means it’ll follow the ABC screenings, rather than preceding them as was the case last year.

Still, huzzah! I would break out the party streamers, but instead, have a brand new trailer instead.

Also this, which was part of UK Comic Relief on Friday night. I know several folks who’d like the chance to do this to Matt Smith.