A Giant iPhone Will Look Stunning

If you shut your eyes and listen closely, you'll hear the clop-clop of the inevitable: an iPhone that keeps getting bigger and bigger. And as much as we generally hate phablets, if an iPhone Plus looked like this, we'd melt.

Gizmodo reader Martin Hajek put together these gorgeous renders, which imagine the iPhone Plus as a 4.8-inch wonder that eschews a physical home button for a display that clicks at its bottom — a terrific idea on its own, actually. There's barely any bezel, allowing for a biggie Phone that's virtually nothing but screen and lovely iOS. No clutter, not a stylus to be spied, and seamless aluminium in black or grey.

I'll take the latter, because I'm nostalgic for the old rear end of the original iPhone.

The only work that would remain is figuring out a means of controlling such a big phone comfortably with one hand, or retooling the whole device to make better sense with two mitts. We've agonised before that once you start going beyond four inches, a phone can become hostile to the hand holding it. But if the thing looks like this, we'll have to make concessions. Maybe. [nowhereelse.fr]

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