A Crisp, Functional Lockscreen Is Reason Enough To Jailbreak Your iPhone

Whenever you bring up jailbreaking with the uninitiated, you're faced with that one, recurring question: "Why? Why should I jailbreak?" This beautiful, functional, better-than-stock lockscreen is as good an answer as any.

Peekly is a two-page lockscreen widget with a clock on the first page and a three-month calendar you can peek at with a slide to the right. There's a whole other page with the weather, and you can see the four-day forecast if you peek to the left. And that's just the default layout.

Peekly already has options for adding your Twitter feed, your Google Calendar or an RSS feed, with more options to come. Basically, it's Dash Clock for iOS.

The catch, of course, is that you have to be jailbroken. But, hey, maybe it's time to take the leap. Then again, maybe Apple will wrap some cool functionality like this into iOS 7, but why count on that?


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