73% Of Aussies Support The NBN

The incumbent government, if polls are to be believed, isn't terribly popular. Mind you, if the same polls are to be believed, the NBN is wildly popular, with nearly three-quarters of the surveyed population being behind the project.

The research, undertaken by Essential Media asked 1874 Australians about a range of government policies, asking them whether they supported them or not. 35 per cent strongly supported the NBN, and 38 per cent supported it for a total of 73 per cent support.

In the nay camp sat 9 per cent strongly against and 10 per cent opposed, while a further 8 per cent didn't really know. Still, that marks the NBN out as the most popular of government policies; comparatively, the Minerals Resource Rent Tax was only good for a combined 57 per cent, and the Carbon Pricing Scheme only mustered 44 per cent support.

Support for major Government decisions [Essential Media Communications via Delimiter]

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