16 Marshmallow Creations That Put Your Easter Basket To Shame

16 Marshmallow Creations That Put Your Easter Basket To Shame

It’s the Easter long weekend, which means ham, nice outfits, obligatory church trips and borderline abuse of baby rabbits. But, most importantly, it’s the time of year when there are marshmallows on the shelves of your local supermarket.

Sure, you could eat the little marshmallow chicks. But wouldn’t you rather use them to make beautiful pastel dioramas, sculptures, and really crazy marshmallow art? These brilliant boffins have. And the results are spectacular.

This Peep dress — spotted in NYC’s West Village — might not be mum-appropriate, but who cares? It’s awesome, and you can eat it instead of laundering it.

Picture: Flickr

The Carroll County Arts Center has a crazy annual marshmallow creations competition. Big Bird, appropriately enough, is one of this year’s entries.

Marshmallows are great. Dinosaurs are great. A Marshmallow Rex? Even better.

Picture: MarshmallowPeeps.com

I am the Lorax.

Picture: MarshmallowPeeps.com

Change you can believe in (and also eat).

Picture: Michael Leavitt

Did you know Keith Haring also worked in marshamallows?

Picture: Flickr

This young Galileo made a delicious model of the solar system out of marshmallows.

Picture: Cyrus McCrimmon/The Denver Post

A little strange to shout-out Christmas on Easter, but this 6m Peepenbaum spotted in National Harbor, Maryland, is pretty special.

Picture: State Journal-Register

A marshmallow kimono is what you might wear to Easter services in Japan.

Picture: LoveToSew

And while we’re on that train, what about some marshmallow sushi to go with the outfit?

Picture: Serious Eats

Marshmallow Jesus! It’s the son of God, resurrected as a giant marshmallow mosaic.

Picture: TheJesusQuestion

This marshmallow car was made for an art car contest in Houston, Texas, which seems like a hostile environment for marshmallows what with the sun and the heat.

Picture: Peeps Facebook

You may not remember the movie Despicable Me making your mouth water before.

Picture: Peeps Facebook

Warhol’s Marilyn in marshmallow form.

Picture: Urlesque

Marshmallows mourning a dead Twinkie won this year’s Washington Post Peeps diorama contest.

Picture: Deb Lindsey/Washington Post

And here we have the Peep-al conclave.

Picture: The Monkey Cage