16 Obscenely Over-The-Top Home Theatres

16 Obscenely Over-The-Top Home Theatres

If you love watching movies but hate the unwashed masses — and happen to have giant heaping truckloads of money — designers and interior architects can offer a simple solution: your very own deluxe in-home movie theatre. Here are some of the most amazing in the world, inspired by everything from Star Wars and Star Trek, to Paris and Egypt, to, well, OK a little more Star Trek.

Top picture: Alpha Lim/Flickr

Warning: these will make you jealous.

This Star Trek: TNG home theatre was named the best theme theatre installation at CEDIA 2007.

Picture: Robert Brantley/acousticinnovations.com

This impressive batcave home theatre was created by Elite Home Theater Seating.

Picture: Elite HTS

Here’s a slightly more sophisticated and detailed batcave, which fuses together the elements of Wayne Manor, with the Art Deco styling of Gotham City. Also designed by Elite HTC, it comes complete complete with Batsuits and a badass Batmobile.

Picture: Elite HTS

The Stargate: Atlantis Home Theatre has two Sony megachangers that accommodate 800 DVDs, THX speakers, a 3m diagonal circuit screen, and a motion sensor that opens the custom air pocket doors. If only Stargate were still a thing.

Picture: Visual Concepts/Flickr

Designed by Elite HTS this pirate-themed home theatre also kicks arse. The pics are renders, but this is very much a real thing currently being constructed in one luxurious home in Palm Beach, Florida.

Picture: Elite HTS

The Bridge is another incredible Star Trek-themed home theatre. It took the owner two years to build, at a cost of around $US15,000.

Picture: reighn.com

The Kipnis Studio Standard (KSS) Ultimate Media Room is a $US6 million theatre with a big-big-big-screen and multi-multi-multi-channel surround sound.

Picture: Kipnis Studio Standard/Facebook

This Star Wars-themed home theatre was built in a mega-fan’s home in Hawaii. Life-size R2-D2 and C-3PO droids come included.

Picture: Modern Home Systems

This private home theatre by Dillon Works is based on the Nautilus submarine from the Disney movie classic 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Picture: Dillon Works

Where better to watch bad television than the control deck of the Death Star? This setup was designed by Doug Chiang, the lead designer on Episodes I and II, and built by Definitive Audio and Dillon Works.

Picture: Dillon Works

The Evergreen Ultimate Theatre is another Star Trek-themed media room. The client wanted to combine tasteful and highly detailed Enterprise architecture — including motorised sliding doors and intelligent concert-type lighting — with speakers that can blow the roof off.

Picture: ESC

A not-entirely-historically-accurate Egyptian home theatre by Elite Custom Audio Video.

Picture: Elite Custom Audio Video/Facebook

The Titanic Theatre was designed by Casa Cinema, for those nights you just want to sink into oblivion.

Picture: Donny Hackett Design

The Titans theatre by Casa Cinema is every football fan’s dream (assuming you live in Tennessee).

Picture: Donny Hackett Design

The Revolution theatre is a rotating home theatre by Casa Cinema. The front row seats can be rotated 180 degrees face to the second row, so that the screening room transforms into a chatting room.

Picture: Donny Hackett Design

A piece of Notre Dame cathedral in your home, the Au Paris Theatre was designed by Donny Hackett at Casa Cinema.

Picture: Donny Hackett Design

Drum Roll Please by — again — Casa Cinema.

Picture: Donny Hackett Design

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