11 Insanely Specific Kitchen Gadgets

A really good knife can accomplish an endless number of tasks in the kitchen. But there are other culinary accoutrements that literally have one job and only one job. Are they clever? Sure. Are they at all necessary? Not exactly. These are some of the most specialised kitchen tools you can get.

Be forewarned; beyond lies madness.

If you have braces or never learned how to operate a knife, a corn kernel remover tops your shopping list.

Picture: Amazon

You're lazy, but you also watch your cholesterol intake. Enter Quirky's egg separator, which sucks the yolks out of whites with a squeeze.

Picture: Quirky

Sure you can prop other things with a taco proper, but that would be blasphemous.

Picture: Perpetual Kid

With the right mould, you can (and should) turn the same basic device into a dedicated pie, quesadilla, corn dog, churro, fortune cookie or doughnut maker.

Picture: Amazon

A hot dog toaster just seems impractical, but maybe you have a GIANT KITCHEN. I mean, unless there's room next to the cake pop maker.

Picture: Amazon

Anyone else think a strawberry stem remover might just result in a pint of smashed strawberries?

Picture: Amazon

Slicers: one for a strawberry and one for a banana, with shapes that correspond to the fruit they cut. These guys are as adorable as they are unnecessary.

Picture: Amazon

Somehow a pineapple slicer looks like it would actually be more complicated to use than any conventional tactic.

Picture: Williams-Sonoma

This contraption cuts a pat of butter with one click. Screw you, knives!

Picture: Amazon

Curly fry cutter, for that one time you decide to make curly fries at home.

Picture: Amazon

Bell pepper corer, for when you forget how knives work.

Picture: Incredible Things

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