You Won't Believe What This Aussie Virtuoso Can Do

The next time someone tries to tell you that electronic/dance music requires no skill to compose, tell them to go look up M4SONIC. This Adelaide-based, classically-trained virtuoso shreds a Novation Launchpad in a way that needs to be seen to be believed.

An Novation Launchpad, for those playing at home, is a square box with soft keys on it that can be pushed to trigger samples in Ableton, an awesome music editing and production platform.

There are a whole bunch of live Launchpad mashups on YouTube, but M4SONIC is one of the best.

This latest vid is by no means his first. He stormed onto the scene a while ago with this amazing piece called Virus...

...and Weapon (which has over 6 million views right now)...

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    Bloody hell... the guys a genius...

    Although... maybe he's just really good at whack-a-mole.... :)
    No seriously genius... Although I'm not that fussed on the last one!

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    Hate to troll but....

    First song is based on a pentatonic scale - which pretty much means any combination of button pushing would sound good.
    Second one - the samples don't like up with the percussive movements in the video - so the samples themselves are longer than 1-2 beats so they're just being triggered in time.
    Third one - similar to the second but even more so - its produced before the triggering, so more than likely its just being triggered to a backing track of a lot of the detail.

    Don't get me wrong, he's not the first one to play like this nor are the songs bad. He's definitely got talent but I wouldn't call him a 'virtuoso', particularly when you've got guys like Madeon and Jeremy Ellis - these guys are virtuosos!

      Madeon is magnificent, for those who haven't heard of him, check out this

      Hadn't heard of M4SONIC or Jeremy before, more to add to my watch list :D

        Yes, I agree.. this is the best live use of the Novation I have seen.. I'm not really a fan of this style of music these days.. but this organic blend, live performance really brings me back to the years when I enjoyed this style of music.

        I've never heard of Madeon or M4sonic before, but I was far more impressed with the M4sonic vid. He seems to be actually playing the instrument, where Madeon has things pre-recorded and triggered with exception to the solo.

          Well they're both pre-recorded.. that's how it works.. it's like tracker software butyou just have a manual control for it.. you still need to have all the tracker samples and sections setup and then assigned to the keys..

            light 487 is correct as to how these things work. I sell them!

              And I meant for that to appear below the people saying it was wrong..

      did you ever think that maybe he recorded it in ableton, and just didnt sync the track to video perfectly?

      say what you want, but let's see you do it. whats that? you can't? shut up then.

        Stunning riposte!

        Do you think the olymic-level coaches can perform as well as the athletes they train? You don't have to be able to be better at an activity than someone else to judge their performance accurately. So shut up then.

        I can't stick a chicken up my butt either, but that doesn't make it a good thing for someone else to do.

      Right with you there on the first one, that's exactly what I was going to say.

      droob, show us your youtube clip doing the same but better, otherwise shutup

        Here you go

    check out 'madeon'. there's a clip of him when he was 16 using the same gear doing a mashup.

    Those buttons aren't labeled... the sheer memory involved staggers me.

      probably a bucket load of practice and muscle memory.

      It's really not as hard to remember as you think. The notes on a guitar aren't labelled ether. It's all about programming. Everything is programmed to a certain place, for a reason.

      I don't know of any traditional instruments where the buttons are labelled... in fact he's got it easy seeing as he can map the buttons to whatever sound he wants in whatever order he wants

        I understand that... but that device is reprogrammable, which means those keys would keep changing for each tune.

          The sound would change but I'd bet he has sections devoted to certain things, meaning that the bass drops are always in the same place etc.

          Yes, he's skilled but I wouldn't call his work "virtuosic"

    "but M4SONIC is one of the best......" HAHAHA dont make me laugh Madeon is much better his Pop Culture video has 17,035,896 views at the moment he has his own record label "popcultr" and is a very good producer/dj saw him at stereosonic and was amazing M4SONIC is good but he is no Madeon thats for sure

      Please - Madeon is just triggering clip samples rather than discrete samples like M4SONIC. The timing and skill in the later is much higher. Madeon also uses a "pattern map" on his Launchpad so the visual queues are much easier. M4SONIC is doing it with a clean slate. It's guitar hero vs Angus Young.

    peep out some Araabmuzik's MPC clips if you wanna see some sick skills

    man I'd love to go back in time and show these vids to classical artists, see what they think. I'd also take a good weapon for when they try to lock me up for it...

    I've done similar things to this in the past. Back in my day, they were called Keyboards, what with them black n white keys n so forth.

    Perhaps actually learning expression and repertoire is passé compared to mashing major pentatonics and calling it "virtuosity". I shall take my 37 years of specialist performance practice and be quiet, because "the virtuoso" has mashed his mighty thumbs on the sample-triggers.

    Grow up. Listen to real music. Observe real performance on real instruments. It's just like that slogan: "Hey DJ: Don't you realise you're not the one making the music?!"

    A person triggering samples on a pad or MIDI interface is not virtuosity. It's laziness. Play a real instrument in real time with real music.

    Sounds pleasant, though. Keep trying. :)

      I kind of agree but then again, Andy Warhol didn't make his own art, either.

    Classically-trained is good.

    ......Still sounds like a Mario Bros soundtrack.

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