Wobbling Tongs That Never Topple Will Keep Your Counters Clean

Countertops are designed to get messy, but you can save yourself that extra bit of cleanup with a pair of self-standing Swing Tongs that won't leave food and schmutz behind. Like the Playskool Weeble toys of yesteryear, a weighted curved bottom ensures the business end of these tongs always stays up in the air, no matter how they're dropped.

So for $US17 you're not only freeing yourself from wiping up stains after a meal, you're also supporting some genuine innovation when it comes to safe food handling. Also, they're fun.

[Japan Trend Shop]


    Finally,,,, I found a present for my wife, Yay

    Years back I thought this idea would work best with a toothbrush.

    Errrr? Really? But won't the goo on the tongs just run down towards the handle end, so that you end up with goo not only on the bench....but on your hands too.....?

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