Wireless Power Monitor Snitches To Your Smartphone About Your Energy Waste

You're probably blissfully ignorant about how much power your electronics are sucking. But once you start having to pay a monthly electricity bill, that soon changes. So to easily keep tabs on how power hungry your toys are, slap one of these wireless Smart Plugs on your outlet and keep track of how much juice they're wasting right from your smartphone.

An accompanying mobile app lets you easily keeps tabs on power consumption, voltage, current, the cumulative cost of the electricity that's been consumed, and an estimate of how much carbon dioxide would have been emitted to generate that power. A whole host of depressing facts that will probably have you thinking twice about using your blender as a white noise generator. It's just too bad that at $269 you'd need pretty deep pockets to install one of these on more than one outlet. [Tech-On!]

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