WIN! One Of 2 HP ENVY x2 Convertible Tablets!

The giveaways keep on coming with Gizmodo, and over the next two weeks we've got something special for you: two HP ENVY X2 convertible tablets, valued at $999! (Two in total to give away). Here's how you win...

Week 1 Winner Announced Here

And there's still one more HP ENVY x2 up for grabs!

The HP ENVY x2 packs a 1.8GHz Intel Atom processor, packs 2GB of RAM, 64GB of solid state storage, an 8-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, NFC and ports galore. It also clicks into a nifty keyboard dock to provide as good a laptop experience as it does a tablet experience. Find out more.

The model you're playing for is worth $999 and we're excited to give two of them away to Gizmodo Australia readers!

How to enter: The HP ENVY x2 gives you the power of two devices in one. It’s a tablet. And a notebook. Sleek and thin with an aluminium finish, it’s designed to suit your style and go wherever you do. And with its magnetic connectors, it makes switching from notebook to tablet an easy process.
Want one? Tell us in the comments section below how switching from notebook to tablet with the HP Envy x2 could improve your lifestyle?

Week one entries close at 10:00am (AEDT), Monday 18 February 2013.


    Not only will this Laptop/Tablet put Apple to shame with its styling and since they don't have a combination unit it is either an iOS device or a MacBook.

    I can take this on the road and use Windows 8 to its full potential and if people asked where I got it from I can say the people at gave it to me and I can direct people to your website and show then on the spot.


    By not having to carry around a laptop bag, I can fit in better in a cool cafe

    What I have: a 17" powerhouse of a laptop, that I used primarily to just remote login to virtual machines when I'm in the office, and an 11" Win8 tablet that I use mainly to read/watch movies.

    I carry both devices to and from work every day, and it does get rather tedious.

    What one of these lovely convertible-type devices will do is let me use the one machine for all jobs. And that's a benefit I just can't ignore.

    If I had a tablet, I wouldn't need to wait until I got out of the loo to get back to my laptop to submit my entry to this competition...

    Not having to type on any on screen keyboard is a boon, but maintaining the tablet ability of being able to be frisbeed on to the bed!

    Having moved from a desktop pc to a HP ENVY ultrabook last year so that I could do my uni work when I wasnt at home and also keep up to date with what was happening on the net. I have been a fan of tablets and used a few of them, but didnt want to buy an ipad.

    The ENVY X2 would allow me to keep track of uni work and what happening on the net without having to carry out all the laptop gear. And adding comments onto GIZMODO would be so much easier and my 5 kids would love using it, to be able to take pictures and videos and keep in touch with family interstate.

    Last edited 11/02/13 3:06 pm

    I'm going backpacking this year and want the portability of a tablet so I can watch videos, emails and read the occasional ebooks. I was also hoping to do some study by correspondence though and I'm expecting hours and hours searching for internet cafes because I know there will be times when I need a real computer/netbook to crack on with some study/assignments.

    A HP ENVY would save me the effort of searching for proper computers in internet cafes. It would let me consume the media in the way I want, but also give me the extra I need when I tablet won't cut it. It would completely change the experience of my time away!

    I run a small designing company and when I go out to meet my clients I have to carry my MacBook Pro around all the time. Not that my MBP isn't a great device, I love it, its my primary laptop, but carrying it everywhere with you is kinda not so cool. With this convertible, I can pop out the display and carry it around as a tablet like a boss , literally :)

    It would save my back by not having to carry around a giant notebook to uni every day. I could take notes properly and be able to store and retrieve them easily. I could take pictures of the notes on the whiteboards in lectures, and any lab experiments we do.

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    With four kids fighting over the two laptops we have one of these would give me the chance to read gizmodo in peace and the ability to unclip from the keyboard and use as a tablet in the car (for automotive peace on trips to the relatives) would be cream on the proverbial cake!

    No longer would I be chained to a desk to leave comments on Gizmodo... I could comment one handed while making my breakfast. Snap off the keyboard and comment on the way to the tram. Whack it back on and comment from my lap. Tear it off and comment on the way to my favourite cafe. On again as I comment and sip my chai latte. Off again for some extreme lift commenting. Then on again at my desk as I comment with one hand and read emails with the other.

    I could use one of these on the train, due to my bad back I can't use a laptop while I am stuck on a train for 3 hours each day. A HP Envy X2 would give me the power and flexibility to actually make 3 wasted hours of my day usable!

    Don't need a keyboard when watching videos or skyping friends so I just need the tablet for that, but when typing big documents, just snap on the keyboard and away I go!

    The Envy x2 would give me access to use Windows 8 to its full potential, while giving me great style and performance on the go. Whether on my desk or on my lap, this is the machine for me!

    I will be the ENVY of tablets users when I use the keyboard
    I will be the ENVY of Notebook users when I don't.
    How good will life by with the ENVY.

    My current notebook only gets me roughly 1.5 -2 hours of battery time. A HP Envy X2 would not only get me through an entire day on one charge, but would also save my back from not having to carry all those extra battery packs and chargers =)

    Everyone in my family has an iPad. I need to prove to them that apple are not the only good tablets out there, score some points for the underdogs. Also, finishing of my last year uni, all i seem to do is carry around my laptop and a stack of notebooks and text books. Would love to be able to combine all into just one device.

    The HP Envy X2 sounds great because I could take just one device to work, saving on weight and space in my backpack, without compromising on capabilities. I could read a book on the tablet-style screen while on the train, dock it to the keyboard to do some serious excel calculations and then play a windows desktop video game in my lunch hour. Plus, no iTunes! Sounds fantastic.

    Tablet to surf the net, check the sports scores, check your facebook on the train.

    Notebook to type letters, emails and other documents for work.

    Tablet to play games, do some online shopping, search for recipes at night.

    I wouldn't need anything else.

    My fiancee is looking to buy a new laptop and I can't possibly have an older product than her. Currently I'm running a HP Envy Spectre and it's just not quite right with win8. I'd love the touch screen funcitonality. If I won one of these I could hand mine down to her. Sorted.

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    Whether we like it or now we are constantly connected. Fun for entertainment, not so cool when work is constantly pestering. That is the beauty of the HP Envy x2. Lying on the couch chilling with the tablet whilst watching cycling or just lying in a park watching Arrested Development in anticipation and preparation for the new season when work calls. Bam! pop it into the keyboard and I am off working. Less weight and more fun without the guilt.

      Having been an ipad convert, it's been nice to do simple computing tasks like surfing the web and viewing e-mail with such convenience, portability and simplicity, tasks that were once tedious and boring to do with an ordinary computer. But sometimes being unable to directly view, edit, and transfer USB files and Microsoft office documents with ease as well as view flash and java content (as most of the web is still dependent on) make the ipad experience feel limited. With the surge of touch capabilities on windows laptops like the hp envy x2, people like myself are once again appealed by the notebook experience as notebook manufacturers have realized the the convenience and simplicity that make tablet computers like the ipad so popular.

    I need this so that when I get frustrated with my work I can stand up, scream, and then rip the screen from the keyboard in a violent frenzy!
    After that, I can sit down and resume my mundane existence.

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