William Shatner Is Coming To Australia, And He Wants To Meet You

Whether it's for his work as Captain James T. Kirk on Star Trek or his new position as a pop culture icon, William Shatner is held in high esteem by nerds such as myself. For those who get a kick out of the Shat as much as I do (that may have come out wrong), you should know that he's coming to Australia soon, and he wants to meet you!

Shatner plans on coming down to Australia soon, and while he's here he plans to shoot a few episodes of his show, Brown Bag Wine Tasting, while he's here.

Today he's advertised for a couple of experienced camera folk to come along with him for his trip Down Under, and also put out a rather intriguing casting call:

So if you're a decent videographer or someone who's a bit off the wall, Will wants a word. [William Shatner]

William Shatner image via Shutterstock

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