Why You Have No Right To Complain About Not Seeing The PlayStation 4 Console Today

Why You Have No Right To Complain About Not Seeing The PlayStation 4 Console Today

For those who have been asleep all day, Sony held a two-hour press conference to announce the PlayStation 4 and didn’t even show a console. Or at least that’s what over-entitled whingers have been spouting on social media all afternoon. Here’s why we have no right to be upset about not seeing the console today. Take a knee.

Sony spent two hours today showing the world what it does best: bringing new games to gamers on an awesome platform. It brought the designers, co-founders, inventors and architects of some of the best-looking games I have ever seen front and centre to show gamers what they will be playing over the next year.

What’s even more exciting is that indie darlings were also invited along to show off the amazing stuff they had been working on, too. So we got games from inside and outside the square and a look at the hardware that would power the next-generation of Sony consoles.

We got a look at new graphics engines from heavyweights like Capcom, and a look at both pre-rendered and live gameplay footage. Games like Watch Dogs, Destiny, Final Fantasy and The Witness were all teased, and we saw some of the most impressive graphics shading tech ever showcased. Trailers, gameplay, developers, indies and a look at the future of cloud gaming for Sony: all showcased.

We even saw Sony admit for the first time in a long time that it makes two products known as the PS Vita and the Move controller, with the company promising to make both relevant again with the PS4.

What more do you want?!

How does seeing the new hardware’s outer-shell change a damn thing? Re-watch the press conference and bathe in wonder at all the incredible new games we’re going to be able to play when this thing comes out.

Furthermore, this is still only the second new console to be be announced. We’ve had an awesome one from Nintendo with the Wii U, now the PlayStation 4, and we still have Microsoft yet to announce. It’s a good year for gamers, and I guarantee you that every single real gamer who watched that press conference loved what they saw, even without a look at what the box looks like.