Why You Have No Right To Complain About Not Seeing The PlayStation 4 Console Today

For those who have been asleep all day, Sony held a two-hour press conference to announce the PlayStation 4 and didn't even show a console. Or at least that's what over-entitled whingers have been spouting on social media all afternoon. Here's why we have no right to be upset about not seeing the console today. Take a knee.

Sony spent two hours today showing the world what it does best: bringing new games to gamers on an awesome platform. It brought the designers, co-founders, inventors and architects of some of the best-looking games I have ever seen front and centre to show gamers what they will be playing over the next year.

What's even more exciting is that indie darlings were also invited along to show off the amazing stuff they had been working on, too. So we got games from inside and outside the square and a look at the hardware that would power the next-generation of Sony consoles.

We got a look at new graphics engines from heavyweights like Capcom, and a look at both pre-rendered and live gameplay footage. Games like Watch Dogs, Destiny, Final Fantasy and The Witness were all teased, and we saw some of the most impressive graphics shading tech ever showcased. Trailers, gameplay, developers, indies and a look at the future of cloud gaming for Sony: all showcased.

We even saw Sony admit for the first time in a long time that it makes two products known as the PS Vita and the Move controller, with the company promising to make both relevant again with the PS4.

What more do you want?!

How does seeing the new hardware's outer-shell change a damn thing? Re-watch the press conference and bathe in wonder at all the incredible new games we're going to be able to play when this thing comes out.

Furthermore, this is still only the second new console to be be announced. We've had an awesome one from Nintendo with the Wii U, now the PlayStation 4, and we still have Microsoft yet to announce. It's a good year for gamers, and I guarantee you that every single real gamer who watched that press conference loved what they saw, even without a look at what the box looks like.

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    Agreed. Sadly for the next few months all we will hear about till E3 is how Sony has failed once again blah blah blah. Like you I was very impressed by what I saw.

      are you kidding me
      the graphics looks shit

      years ago when ps2 and ps3 came out, i was wowed by the demos that they showed.
      only after a few years do you start to notice the ageing graphics of the current gen

      this on the other hand? hasnt even been released and looks like fallout 1

    How does seeing the new hardware’s outer-shell change a damn thing?

    Because the console needs to work in people's lounge rooms. How do we know that those demos weren't running on a box the size of a fridge that sounds like a jet engine?

      Does it seem likely or even possible to you that in November 2013 Sony will try and sell a fridge sized, jet engine sounding console?

      It will be a box. A black box. etc.

        What if they can't get all of the technical capabilities that they showed off in a box that is smallish, quiet and doesn't overheat?

        Of course they aren't going to sell a fridge size box, they'd sell one that was less powerful then they initially made out.

        I actually think it's a little concerning that the device goes on sale this year and they didn't have final hardware to even show a render of. After the Xbox RROD issue you'd think they would be doing a lot of testing with the heat management of the final design so the same thing didn't happen to them.

          So, if they showed you a drawing you'd feel confident that the heat/size issues were taken care of and there was nothing to be concerned about?

            Not what I said. I think they should have final hardware (so they can be testing heat and noise etc), and if they didn't want to show it on stage they should have at least shown a render.

              Same question applies. Whould a render have made you confident about heat/size etc?

              In other words, what does a render actually tell you other than it's appearance? It could be made of chocolate coated gunpowder but no one would be any the wiser.

              MS put their box on the stage and somehow they still managed a super high failure rate.

              My point is, right now, none of this matters. It will be a box. A black box. When it's released and you spend your hard earned cash on it then is the time to have concerns about size and heat because then it's real and your money is involved. At this stage it's up to Sony to be concerned about keeping their promises.

                It does matter. It matters a lot. Apples made a multi billion dollar industry based on that fact. Case closed.

                  For a console it doesn't matter nearly as much, though. And I'm sure Sony'll do a decent enough job, even if the PS3 wasn't everyone's cup of tea (I think it looks hideous, but I still bought one for other reasons)

                  I thought Apple made billions because it was safe, warm and covered in foam. With your thinking done for you and all the cool kids had it.
                  ...... and good build quality.

                  messiahlad: Apples design of their product is one of the main reasons for their continued success. Aesthetics is everything in retail. There's a saying about the restaraunt industry, 'People eat with their eyes'. I don't care if you don't believe that, I used to work in the industry, it's all about presentation. How you present your product is 9/10ths of the battle. Present a terrible looking dish that tastes fantastic? You've already lost the battle. Present an incredible looking dish thats average? You've hit a home run baby. Believe it or not. It's the same in product design. If the iPad were a giant mass of sharp edges, clunky physical design, buttons everywhere for everything and not the great design it is (Im an android person myself but I CAN appreciate the design factor Apple has), then there's no way in hell it'd be as 'cool' to the kids and hipsters as it is now. Hence why Samsung up until recently had an uphill battle ahead of itself.

              I think not showing a render or an image is a great marketing ploy. If they showed it now what will they show at E3? Sony are preempting the Microsoft announcement by leaving something to announce at E3. With Microsoft being the last to announce their console and Nintendo being the first, Sony risk suffering from the middle speaker syndrome. Everyone will remember Nintendo's First Next Gen Console status and then have Microsofts announcement in their memory as being the latest announcement. Sony needs something to lure back the attention after Microsoft announce their console. The final release during E3 will need to trump Microsofts announcement to get maximum coverage, Sony are setting themselves up to do this.

        God Damn it! Black doesn't work with my living room aesthetic.
        Currently praying for a bright pink PS4.

        the ps3 was a fridge

        at least thats how people described it when it first came out

    It will be a box. A black box.

    I will have small coloured LEDs at the front.

    If it has a matte finish in November 2013 it will be released in a glossy finish in November 2015.

    If it has a glossy finish in November 2013 it will be released in a matte finish in November 2015.

      It will also be released in white, red, blue, pink, purple... in Japan.

    Damn straight, Hopewell!

    At then end I was a little bumbed I didn't get to see it, but who gives a shit about what it looks like?? It's a PlayStation... for playing games!!

    I had my doubts about what Sony would come out with, my biggest fear being that they wouldn't have listened to the devs and consumers about the ps3 - but it sounds like they clearly did.

    I kinda feel like this is unfair given that the exact same complaint was made on both live-blogs (Giz and Kotaku). Luke you wrote this yourself. and there was subsequently an article around just this.

    Seriously guys "What more do we want?" you are the ones asking the questions, dont complain when we do the same

    This article was trash to me.

    What do I care about the games? When I play with my playstation, I rub myself up against its smooth curves and hard rear-cable-ports.


    What kind of crap is this? To paraphrase: You're a whinger for wanting to see the console - you should be grateful, grateful I say, that Sony is gracing you with such nice things. Sure, people don't have a 'right' to demand to see the console, but that doesn't mean wanting to see the console and being annoyed or disappointed about not seeing it is 'whinging'. This goes up there with Luke's "suck up the Instagram TOS changes, bitches" and "if you're not on Facebook you're an egocentric arse-backwards cock-knot" articles.

      I forgot that he did the facebook blog. Just went from liking him to going
      My fingernails aren't long enough to use facebook.

      Any article that starts or ends with 'THIS IS WHY' or something along those lines, automatically goes down a few notches in credibility in my books. It reeks of amateur level journalism. This is nothing but a tantrum piece written by Hopwell, a clickbait article. Nothing more, nothing less.

    only thing i care about - There's a a "secondary custom chip" that can download or update games in the background. "On PlayStation 4, digital titles are playable even as they are downloaded."

    But I must say I am curious to see how they are going allow the console to be turned off and then when it comes back on, start from exactly where it left off.. I can't even play Ghost Recon on a LAN without it dropping out all the time. Then we have to exit the whole game and go back to the menu and get new invite etc etc...

    Last edited 21/02/13 2:40 pm

    "Real gamer"
    Are you serious? You have to be a "Real gamer" to be happy with what was delivered today?
    Who the hell are you to determine that if youre a real gamer you have to be happy with what was delivered today, which was pretty uninspiring and way too much emphasis on social interaction and streaming games.
    I have no time for your elitist bullshit who wouldnt know a real gamer if it busted the upside of your head. Goddamn.

    I couldn't give a toss about PS4. But I do think it's a ''brave'' strategy to insult your readers who are interested to see the form factor of the PS4 by calling them ''over-entitled whingers''...?

    Didn't we see those same bearded men a few months back when Square Enix released some stuff it was working on?

    These 1st world problem articles are beyond getting old.

    Or at least that’s what over-entitled whingers have been spouting on social media all afternoon.

    I'm not trying to flame you here Luke, but get stuffed. Wanting to see something does not make me over entitled. The console design was one of the things I wanted to see and they held it back for no real reason (if their E3 presentation hinges on how the console looks then it's going to be a pretty weak day for Sony).
    This event was hyped as the first in-depth look at what we're going to be playing a year from now, so it's fair enough to expect to see the actual console. With the way the event was hyped I was expecting to actually see a PS4 run something. and I think that's pretty fair.
    I'm not mad at the presentation and I liked some parts of it, but I sure do resent the implication that I'm a brat because I expected to see a PS4 at the big PS4 extravaganza.

      Agreed, extremely petty insult from you here Luke. God forbid people might want to see the product being announced at a product announcement.

      You saw the product, you just didn't see what device that displays the product.

      He's right. Over-entitled whingers.

        But how do we even know this was all being played on the PS4 and not a PC rigged to the same specs as the PS4..

        What we saw was a bunch of other people's products (games/tech demos) and a couple of accessories (camera/controller) for the product.. but not the product itself.. right now the PS4 system itself is equivalent to vapourware..

          No it isn't.

          Other people wouldn't trot out on stage to promote vapourware. Nor would they promote a game on a non-existant console.

        Please explain to me how I'm over entitled?

          Because you want, want, want everything in the one show and then when you get it, you'll want more.
          What if they did show it? You'd find something else to whinge about. You'll whinge about the social integration, or no games.

          It was an announcement and it's not coming out until the end of the year at the earliest.

          Sit back and enjoy the ride.

            That's a whole lot of words you're putting in my mouth there. If I didn't know better I'd think you want to believe that's how everyone else thinks.

            Let's pretend you're correct, wanting is not automatically over-entitlement. If you look at my original comment I'm not saying I deserve to see it, I'm not saying it's my divine right to see a PS4 in action, I'm saying I wanted to see it and by the hype surrounding the event I expected to see it. It's perfectly valid to question why it wasn't there and complain that, at least from where we are sitting, not a single PS4 was involved in the PS4 demonstrations.

            Right now I want a glass of water. That doesn't make me over-entitled it makes me thirsty.

            Last edited 21/02/13 7:48 pm

              Expecting when there was no indication what this event was about is entitlement.

              And of course there was a PS4 involved in the demonstrations. Ignorant to think otherwise.

                That is not what entitlement means. Entitlement is having the right to something. It's actually fairly neutral because thanks to our actions we're all entitled to various things every day. Over-entitlement, in the passive aggressive insult form Luke and thousands upon thousands of other people have been over-using it the last two years, is the implication that someone believes they deserve more than they're actually entitled too.
                If I a teenager goes into high school and thinks the teacher should treat them better than the rest of the class for no reason, they're over-entitled and it's bad. If I work 60 hours a week I'm entitled to my pre-agreed upon wage and it's a-ok.
                If I expect Sony's big PS4 marketing push to include actual PS4 units on stage at some point there's no trace of entitlement. I'm not saying I deserve it. I'm not saying I'm entitled to it. I'm saying I expected it. Expressing that I'm disappointed that it wasn't there or asking why it wasn't there has literally nothing to do with entitlement.

                It's not unreasonable to question why it isn't there. On the simple level most of us just want to know what's going on. On the more level people like Luke should be on Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony all have a history of pulling little tricks at these events when backed into a corner so they should absolutely be hounding Sony for answers. My money is on the most likely answers. They were either using non-final hardware like dev kits, or there is visible feature on the PS4 they don't want to announce yet.

                Until I start claiming it's my god given right to know the answers to these questions do not call me over-entitled.

                  It is massively unreasonable to question it since you've known about it for 2 hours.

                  I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to say there. Do you mean that it's massively unreasonable to ask questions because it's the start of the marketing campaign and answers will come eventually? Sony want us to ask questions (yes, even these questions) and talk about their product. It's a large part of the point of this sort of pre-release showboating.
                  Are you saying that we should all be more patient? They're just questions. I understand you think we're being impatient but you seem to have this image of us sitting here outraged that we have to wait until E3 to see it. I can't speak for anyone else, but for me that's not the case. I'm just reasonably curious. I'd love a PS4 right now but I can wait (although admittedly I'm impatient enough to buy before the first price drop, but that's just a love of technology).

                  Demanding silence, taking any question as hostile and insisting that everything we want to know will be answered in time borders on fanaticism.

                  [Please correct me if I've misunderstood your reply.]

                  Last edited 21/02/13 8:51 pm

    I'm sure that Sony have achieved exactly what they wanted - everyone is talking about the PS4.

    "What more do you want?!"

    I dunno a product launch usually entails showing it off, a price and release date, when did that change to being the province of the over entitled whinger and we're instead supposed to lap up buzzword enfused gabble and tech demos instead and be GRATEFUL? haha sheeeet I think you're insulting the wrong people tbh. I honestly dont care one way or another but this is some lame ass "journalism". I know, I know thats the joke right?

    Opinion piece.

    You think it's unfair people feel let down from today's announcements? I don't think so. If you're taking the time to announce something, do a good job of it. Today was a teaser. What are the full specs, prices, release dates, appearances etc. these are all valid questions one would expect answered at the announcement of something.

    Last edited 21/02/13 3:23 pm

      Um... because it was a teaser?

    You can call it what you want, it was still a product launch without a product.

    First world problems people. Suck it up and go do something useful for the community/other people and see if you still care.

      Your right, i should only care about 2nd world problems.....wait a sec.

      im pretty sure we should upgrade the third world to second world now the soviet union has collapsed.

      Or maybe First world can be changed to countries that have Fibre optic broadband, Second world is Wireless, third world Copper, and 4th world being countries without (Majority of the countries needs to be covered in the medium)

      Sorry to go off topic, but this phrase is just soo stupid.

    "Real Gamer[s]" use a PC not a console, nuff said.

    What makes you think that there is a console? What if this was just all made up on a PC/Mac somewhere? We want to see the console, because we want proof that there is a console and that Sony is close to releasing it. Until then, it all could be just smoke and mirrors.

      Indeed.. it's more than likely this situation but not so much because they don't have the hardware but more likely because they haven't finalised the box shape and leaked prototypes are one thing but an announcement shape that gets significantly changed is another thing altogether.

    People want to see it because that's what they don't know. We all know its going to play games and they are going to look better. We don't know what it looks like, how much it will cost and when it will be out, and not only do we still not know that, we have no idea when we will find out.

    It's Sony.
    The PS4 will be blandly utilitarian in design.
    It will have a high level of build quality.
    It will be black.
    It will be of comparable size and form to other home entertainment components.
    It will be quiet.
    It will be unobtrusive.
    It will not scare a dog out of a butcher's shop.
    Because it, you know, Sony.

      You left one out.. It will be a glossy fingerprint magnet.

        I don't get it. My PS1, 2, and 3 are all matte. I think the 1 and 2 were always not glossy, and obviously I've got a later model ps3

    Poor article. Can't announce a product without showing it, giving a price and a release date

    We got none of that. They clearly weren't ready to announce it.

    As the Crim said to Dirty Harry after Dirty Harry asked him if he had fired five or six shots?

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