Who Needs A GoPro When Your Helmet Is Already A Camera?

GoPro all but owns the extreme action camera market, but as simple as its compact hardware is to use, you still need to find a way to safely mount it to your ride or helmet. And that's where the creators of the Video Head, a helmet with a built-in camera, think they have a better approach.

Assuming that extreme athletes recording their exploits are always going to want to set a good example by wearing a helmet, the Video Head skips all the hassle of finding a suitable place to mount a camera by incorporating all of those electronics into the helmet itself. A repositionable lens sits above the wearer's eyes so whatever they're looking at is always in frame, while record and other function buttons are always in easy reach on the side of the helmet.

Not only is there no risk of an externally mounted camera being torn off after a failed stunt attempt, the Video Head helmets are actually a cheaper alternative to GoPro and other options. A low-res 30fps VGA model will sell for just $US55, while 30fps 720P and 60fps 1080P options will also be available for $US120 and $US200 respectively. And, yes, a rechargeable battery and extreme head protection is included.

[Video Head via GearJunkie]

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