What's The Best Wi-Fi Network Name You've Ever Seen?

I was travelling this weekend and found myself connected to the incredibly blandly named "Home_Nework" Wi-Fi network. When I go home, it will be scarcely better when I connect to yet another router with a boring out-of-the-box name: "FastRabbit". Bleh

Plenty of people out there are significantly cleverer than I am. We've all seen Wi-Fi names that, though seen by relatively few people, are able to make nearly all of them chuckle.

So what's the best one you've ever seen or heard of? You don't have to have thought of it, just know it exists. Come on. Knock my socks off and make me at least think about changing my default network name.

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    My apartment is above a dominos, we call our wifi "Pizza the hut"

    There was a cafe I went to in Reykjavik that called theirs "Pretty fly for a Wifi". That made me chuckle a bit!

      lol that's been the name of mine for quite a while, can't remember where I plagiarized it.

        probably from me, its been mine for about 3 years and i posted it here on giz the last time they had one of these articles :P

          Haha every chance it's from you then.
          Time for a change maybe. All of the people around me have pretty funny SSID's, and one person has 'Hi people with funny wifi names'.

            yeah after reading this and seeing how many people now have "pretty Fly For A WiFi" im thinking its time for a change.

              I have it too. Haha, I used to have 'Moe's Tavern" for a while, but when Bigpond provided me a new modem it was time for a change. Looking at the amount of people with the same name, I might change it to something else.

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        I've seen that one floating around on 'funny picture repost' images for ages. still considered using it though haha

    My next door neighbour has "Don't steal my WiFi"

      Bit cheesy but I dig it: "NotOnMyDime"

    I changed mine to Virus_Detected a few months ago. Nobody goes near it now!

      Haha, I've had that for ages now -- Used to be what I called my phone on blutetooth back in the olden days.

      I used to have "VIRUS_TEST_ZONE_4." My old flatmate's network was "PORN_GATEWAY_2000".

      My neighbour did that a while ago. A bit pointless if you have it secured though, isn't it?

    Used to live on Gatacre Avenue, a housemate had named our router Battlestar Gatacre.

    skynet (not original I know but I like it)

      "Skynet Global" was the brand of my very first wireless adaptor (back in 2000 or so, when it was "802.11b" not "Wi-Fi"). It was a PCMCIA card that went into my P166 Thinkpad. I could download from the AARNET mirror at over 300KB/s and it would freeze the entire computer until it completed!

    KGB HQ at home
    KGB Field Office for the hot spot on the phone

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    My neighbours was Taliban, with a guest network called taliban_guest.
    I use 1up, and 2up for my duel band, cause I was Nintendo kid once upon a time.

    I called mine at work Skynet, and the game shop next door set theirs to The Human Resistance.

    Got one up the road "AFP field unit". Know of one guy who named it what the was look at the night he set it up"broken beer bottle", i did not ask.

    I always enjoyed the FBI_SURVEILLANCE_VAN_823 at my old apartment.

    went for conference at the marriott in sydney this came up..

    For the closely packed in apartments "Wecanhearyouhavingsex" is always a good one.

      I have that one in my building...so I called mine: "SorryAboutAllTheLoudSex"

        A good response I've seen is "Wecanhearyouwhackingofftoit"

    The current one at my share house is "hide yo kids hide yo wifi"

      haha, I had that also, but a neighbour came to me one day and said "Have you seen the network called 'hide yo kids?', what sick freak!"

      I guess the whole SSID name didn't show up on their screen. It was promptly changed...

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    We have about 4-5 wireless networks around my place, so I named mine "My Wireless"

    Mine was "Shut your dam dog up!" until my neighbours moved out (I like to think they got the point), now mine is "You smell like Cheese"

    We recently changed ours to WeSeeDeadPeople. It's kind of boring but everyone has a smirk when they read it

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    While living in canada, i lived in number 7 and we had found this, 'FreeWeedatNumber5'

    We call our "vicious evil network of mayhem"

      then i will name ours "mobile armored strike kommand"

    You will have to admit that mine is the funniest of all: Telstra 6897A1. See, hilarious.

      You are right, it is hilarious, because you are using Telstra as an ISP.

        Some of us don't have the choice.

        When I moved in to my current house (last year), my options were Bigpond Cable or horrendous 3G. Bigpond Cable's worth it.

        Of course, we can all change our SSID to hide our dirty secrets... :P

        At least Telstra are a reliable ISP who provide you with the bandwidth you pay for. I have no choice where I am now, too far from the exchange for any other ISP to take us on, but when we move I'll stay with Telstra for two reasons:
        1) I don't have to re-sign a contract, meaning when NBN is available I wont be stuck on ADSL2
        2) It's a new premises, and line connection is quicker and cheaper for Telstra customers. I should only be without the internet for 5 days max.

    After the birth of our twins (children #2&3) I renamed my Wi-Fi "Outnumbered"

    McDonald's FREE WiFi. I live a few blocks away from Maccas and people are always like "WOW! you can get it from here?!"

      Must drive your neighbors insane trying to connect to it.

    When my old work got an Apple airport I christened it "Companyname International Airport". The boss didn't think it was as funny as I did and changed it back to the "Companyname".

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