What's The Best Ringtone You've Ever Heard?

There are two worlds of ringtones. There are the "this is my favourite song" ringtones and there are the "holy shit why didn't I think of that" ringtones. Music, pretty much by default, falls in the first category. The second category, that's harder to define.

And that's where you come in. What's the best, wittiest ringtone you've ever heard or used. I'm thinking sound effects, clever but not annoying pop culture references, you know, something that's not just dumb. You got any?

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    Gran Vals (the Nokia default ringtone)! My dad bought a Nokia 2110 in 1995, so I've grown up hearing that tune since I was 7!

    its not unique nor a favourite song per se, but definitely the most memorable.

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    Knightrider theme.. BAM!

    I currently use Bananaphone. I won't say it's the best, but it certainly gets stuck in the heads of my co-workers!

    "Digital Thump" on my Nokia Lumia 920.

      good choice sir, but I'll see your "Digital Thump" and raise you a "Brimful".

    Mine is part of the theme song from the 70's TV series UFO. It ticks all the boxes. It's loud, repetitive and distinctive. Check it out at

      That is cool, never heard that one, but I'll raise you The Professionals:

      They really knew how to write theme music in the 70s.

    The crazy frog ringtone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnrnGX01VzI

    Just kidding, it's actually the worst - But I was somehow reminded of it when reading this article.

    "Who Can it be now?" by Men At Work

      Best idea ever!
      now my ringtone of choice

    My ring tone changes all the time, depending on the song I'm really into at the time. SMS tone however, that's been the same for ages: the sound effect from Law & Order when it changes scenes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1OlCVNn9ZeY

      Ringtone currently is "The Sound of a Shotgun" by Wonkap, but I've also used "Project No-Autotune" by Schoolboy on and off.

    I currently have Ken's Theme from Street Fighter, though I suppose that's the first category.

    A friend of mine, for his SMS notification, once had a quote from Stewie in Family Guy - "The only way you'll get me to talk is through slow painful torture, and I don't think you've got the grapes!"

    Another great SMS notification I heard just says "Message", in a fairly flat voice. But then, if you don't touch the phone, it keeps saying "Message" in a more urgent tone, until it's eventually screaming.

    I have a happy R2D2. It always makes me think it's going to be good news.

    Legend of Zelda sound effects, such as the sound played when finding a secret area used as a txt message ringtone

    Two friends of mine- one has R2D2 chirps when a text message comes in (and the Imperial March when it is her mother calling), and the other has Doc Brown exclaiming "Great Scott!".

    New Gmail notification: Futurama - You've got mail - it's not spam!

    56k dial up modem tune - confuses everyone.

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      Love this ^.

      i used to have a flip phone, and the transformermers changing noise when i opened it.

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    Theme song from "The Professionals" as a ringtone and Bender saying "I've got mail" for email.
    Or just Pantera. Depends on what I feel like.

      i had a "beep beep, mail motherf*cker" sms tone for a while

      also theres a great resident evil theme for iphone that comes with a tarsus voice. "incoming transmission" and "locking system" when you lock the screen

    Skrillix - Syndicate Remix

    Had that for ages now.

    And the ICQ message notification for my texts.

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      How good is his Syndicate remix! Used to be my ringtone for a fair while too.

      I didn't know he did that! It totally vindicates my defending some of his songs to my friends now!

    R2D2 chirping away madly for my ringtone.
    Prof Farnsworth (Futurama) announcing "good news everyone" as my message alert.

      I also had Professor Farnsworth as my SMS tone for ages! Now I've upgraded to a Lumia 920 and there doesn't seem to be a way to customise the SMS tone. Getting messages is nowhere near as fun.

    I used to have the Back to the Future theme music. Then I switched to the Star Trek Fight theme.

    Right now I have the "Hunch Hunch What What" virus sound from Archer

      untill i switched my msg tone to dalek "exterminate" a few weeks ago, i had the star trek "communicator noise" from TOS.

    The evacuation alarm we had in out building.

    The secret discovery tune from the original Legend of Zelda. 1up from Mario 3 is the email notification.

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