What Movies Look Like Before Special Effects

New tumblr alert: Before VFX. It's a revealing collection of pictures that show what movies look like before any sort of visual effects are added. This basically means it makes every movie, even Oscar-worthy movies, look completely ridiculous. The magic of the movies!

The Before VFX picture collection is growing and range from Life of Pi and Lincoln to The Avengers and Prometheus to The Muppets and John Carter. I want to see every movie before effects are added so I can laugh when I see actors prance around in half-assed costumes against a green screen. I don't think seeing beautiful people act ridiculous in a fake room will ever get old.


Another shot of Life of Pi. The picture at the top is also Life of Pi

The Hobbit

John Carter (I just enjoy seeing actors face a green screen)

Check out more pictures of movies before visual effects are added here. [Before VFX via Geekosystem]

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