Watch Surfers Ride Sydney Harbour Waves

Sydney's Saturday saw the city sit through a surprise summer storm that saturated the spirits of city-siders. Sydney surfers instead saw the storm and sought out a super spot for some summer surfing in the middle of Sydney Harbour. Thankfully, someone put it on YouTube for us to all enjoy.

The low-pressure system that parked itself on the city on Saturday dealt battering winds and rain all day, but these surfers weren't to be put off by that. Waves were breaking well beyond the heads at the entry to Sydney Harbour and the surf was well and truly up.

Enjoy! [Kyle/LiveItSeeIt]


    one of my best mates got married on Saturday just a little further in the harbour. Tell you what.. It made our wedding photos very interesting.. even during the reception, we couldnt hear anyone talking as it was raining so hard. But hey if its going to rain on your wedding day, may as well be a massive storm haha.

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