Watch Red Bull's F1 Car Get Put Together In This Piece Of Motoring Pornography

This is just gratuitous. It really is. It's car porn in its purest form. Team Red Bull has just had its 2013 season launch and to celebrate, it's showing us how the engineering masterpiece that is its Formula 1 car has been put together. You may want to sit down for this.

As our friends over at Jalopnik point out, it can be tough to see what an F1 car is really made of when it's flying around a track or going for a 20-second pit stop. This video shows you exactly what's under the hood of that monster.

Watch as this piece of Formula 1 perfection goes from a sketch on a piece of paper to the factory, and finally onto the track. I can't wait to see this thing in action. [Jalopnik]


    I've always admired the design of F1 cars. I mean these things only weigh 600kg, and can reach speeds of 330km/h. The amount of downforce required to pin them to the road at those speeds so they don't launch off into orbit is astonishing, and it's all achieved though the aerodynamic design.

    If that was meant to make me feel better about heading to work for my mundane desk job.. you have failed.

    yeah, definatly NSFW needs to be added... i now want a cnc and a 3d printer at work.

    btw, they used to reach over 360 a few years ago on monza

      Well it was more than a "few" years back :) That was when they were still using the V10 engines. They've been using V8's since 2006.

      It's still amazing how you can get a drop in engine power like that and still hit very similar speeds to what you were doing, simply due to the design of the car and the power of the other components.

    Had to mute it because of the retarded soundtrack - I don't know why amateur filmmakers feel the need to ruin decent visuals with this trendy, frankly gay audio. Still, cool car. Too bad a similar video can't be made about a real F1 car, like the Lotus 49.

      "frankly gay audio"

      I take offence to the wording of your comment. I'm assuming your using the word gay in a negative sense. The word gay should not be used this way.
      I am not gay, but have close friends and family that are, and being gay is not a bad thing, so the word shouldn't be used that way.

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