Watch People Get High And Then Fail A Driving Test

Drinking and driving is the worst. Texting and driving is pretty bad too. So what about getting high and driving? Apparently not that bad! Unless you're freaking stoned as hell. Then you'll fail so hard and maybe even lose a nose.

CNN hilariously asked three people to get high on marijuana to see how it affects their driving ability, putting them to a driving test immediately after they smoked. Like using most substances that make your body feel good but makes your brain less smart, the people who smoked weed the most did the best in the driving test. Occasional users flamed out early, driving so suspiciously slow that a cop admitted he would have pulled him over. To his credit, he couldn't even find his nose because he was so damn high.

But even the heavy users who smoke everyday eventually hit a wall when they can't drive anymore. The girl who smoked everyday was basically taking the driving instructor on a joyride because it's not everyday she could do those things. So yeah. If you're high, don't drive. [Reddit via Neatorama]


    three people.
    Well that's a pretty representative cross section then isn't it?
    " the people who smoked weed the most did the best in the driving test ' ....
    What, two of them did ok? "people" is plural after all.
    So, two out of three people did ok.

    Pointless exercise is pointless.
    Like the last paragraph.
    " But even the heavy users who smoke everyday eventually hit a wall when they can’t drive anymore "
    Well duh. This would apply to anyone anywhere

    I'll bet none (all three?) of them felt no desire to go out and punch people up though. Unlike Alcohol users.

      You sound suspiciously straight..

      Of course it's pointless. Even if you're an advocate for weed - which I am for *genuine* medical use eg cancer, not 'cough cough can I have a doobie please, doctor' - I think you'd be a bit stupid to take the position that it's okay to be high while you're driving. I'm pretty sure even that's banned in The Netherlands. But it's the same for alcohol, so I don't get why you're so angry.

    They actually do pretty well considering the amount they smoked. i wouldnt say they failed.

      Yeah they only started to fail once they got to the point of "you guys are already high as hell, but let's go all the way for the fun of it."

      What I found odd is that they all nailed it when they were as much as five times the legal concentration. Sounds like the law needs a revision.

    So until they were really quite baked the worst was mostly them driving a bit slowly. Seems to confirm my thoughts about stoned drivers :P

    Must of felt kind of weird being those cops? I dunno, maybe they're used to seeing people smoke medical marijuana. Still seems weird watching it in Aus. Also it seems cool they've got a limit for how high you can be, like we've got a limit for alcohol content, although I guess that'd be a necessity when you've got people who need medical marijuana.

    Was kinda funny how much fun Addy was having. Woo I can totally drive while baked on this test course!

    My mate says he's driven high a few times but the time he drove drunk he was terrified.
    Although he did say the first time he drove high he was 15kph under the limit & stopping a good 4ft away from roundabouts lol.

    This should be a TV series... "Can you X when high?"

      If I can do it sober. I can do it stoned. I'll get paid to smoke weed and do shit. Count me in.

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