Watch HTC's CEO Rally Employees With Bizarre 'M7' Chant

That rumoured M7 phone? The new HTC flagship? It definitely exists, and "M7" is definitely its name. That is, if HTC's super-enthusiastic, chant-leading CEO has anything to say about it.

The little cheering session went down at the end of HTC's year end party in Taipei today. HTC CEO Peter Chou went up on stage to thank the M7 team for working so hard to finalise the product and then, with what appears to be one of the devices in his hand, led employees in chants of both "M7" and "HTC One". You can't say it's not at least slightly invigorating.

Such unbridled displays of enthusiasm isn't uncommon in many Japanese companies, and it stands to reason that it's not too out of character for the Taiwanese HTC either. Still, it's a bit bewildering to watch. Maybe the handset really is that exciting. We'll probably find out at Mobile World Congress later this month. [cnYES via Engadget]

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