Vodafone Is Testing Its 4G Network Already. Here's How Fast It Goes

Vodafone isn't set to come out with a 4G service until mid- to late-2013, but the telco has already started testing its new, hot network in the Sydney CBD. So how fast is it?

The tests are being conducted in Sydney's densely populated Eastern Suburbs, with teams being sent out to make sure handover from tower to tower is working correctly along with other tests.

A tower in Alexandria was used for the initial network speed testing, and the team managed to pull around 67Mbps down and 25Mbps up using the Speedtest.net app.

Vodafone has thrown all the usual disclaimers on those numbers, saying that congestion, device used and distance from the tower will impact speed, but it's promising customers using Category 3 devices like a Nokia Lumia 820 or an iPhone 5 speeds of around 2Mbps-40Mbps down.

The great news here is that Vodafone has 20MHz worth of spectrum in the 1800MHz band, which is more than both Optus and Telstra have to offer. More bandwidth means less congestion, which might be redundant given the fact that everyone has already left Vodafone anyway.

Vodafone will be testing its 4G network across the country in the coming months. [Vodafone]



    "In a nationwide test, our single test user recieved super vast speeds!
    "Sadly, after stress testing with a normal house-hold load of 4-5 phones, the network crashed and burned."

      Side note: Click off to side of article, get Telstra4g popup. Heh.

    When i saw Vodafone testing 4G and here's how fast it is to see a picture of a snail.

    2/40 is pretty impressive, though I just got an iphone 5 with Telstra and mine's showing 7/18 - which is better than I get with ADSL 2 at home in Sydney unfortunately. If Vodafone are willing to provide reasonable bandwidth to make great speeds like 2/40 actually worthwhile, I'll get on board. Until then, it's all a bit useless beyond a certain point to be honest.

    It's good to finally see Vodafone have good news to share. I look forward to their 4G roll out.

    Speed is one thing and the speed is pointless if there is limited coverage.

      If you're going to rural areas it might not be for you just check your coverage first. If you're in mostly metro and semi-regional areas it's already good. I imagine the joint venture with Optus will bolster their regional coverage later as well.
      To reiterate, check your coverage on their website first if you're in the middle of nowhere.

        Grandma NO ITS NOT! I can see vodafones chatswood tower in sydney from my balcony and yet i can't even get reception to make a call. their signal strength is terrible. Can't get reception in hornsby, wahroonga, north ryde, macquarie, roseville, parts of surry hills and newtown to name a few. When ever i enter a building the signal goes dead most of the time. The worst part is all my friends on telstra and optus right next to me usually have atleast 2 bars which is enough to make a phone call. Vodafone tells me that i am in a high coverage area which is definately not true.
        I will conceede that at work i get very good coverage however considering im towards the top of governor phillip tower in sydney CBD i wouldnt expect anything less then full bars.

    I agree. I'm still looking forward though cops my plan has 5.5gb per month. Be nice to see what speeds ill get when it finally goes live

    I've got one of my numbers with Vodafone and it works pretty good most of the time, in syd and melb anyway. They seem to be getting better and better. I reckon already better than Optus (I get up to 8mbps at home on VF 3G+, had over 15mbps elsewhere), with the exception of not having 4G in inner metro like Optus do.

    Its kind of funny, I reckon most of the Vodafone bashing is based on the past or mere perception... but at the same time if it wasn't for vodafone the market would not be anywhere near as competitive as it is. If they go the prices will go way up and we're all screwed. For me I've seen the improvements so I stopped Vodafone bashing a while ago.

      If you tried to support a nation wide company's mobile phone fleet with Vodafone, you would quickly see just how bad Vodafone is in Australia. It is barely usable for a business with a mobile fleet. Staff were mutinous until I thankfully was able to switch to Telstra. Yes Optus failed our road tests as well but Optus was more of a 6/10 to Vodafone's 3/10. It is irrelevant if some individual users have good service in their house, it is about a serious problem Vodafone has with providing 3G voice and data to the entire country. It is about every house, every business, every street. At my house, I get no Optus reception, 2 bars of Vodafone and 5 bars of Telstra. However, you start moving around and you get more misses than hits for Vodafone compared to Optus and Telstra.

        I get what you're saying, and that was my experience for the most part up until a few months ago too. What i am saying is i have experienced it get better. Improved reliability, throughput, especially over the past few months. I work in the industry have several devices and SIMs so my experience is quite a bit broader than your average joe's. Dont get me wrong, they have a ways to go yet, but my point was that its not the same shit as before, its gotten and continuing to get much better. Whilst i would do it regularly before, i no longer would recommend Optus to anyone on face value without getting a prepaid sim and checking that its better for them where they use it over Vodafone, as my experiences are leaning the other way now.

        Of course my experience is limited compared to a mobile fleet of hundreds of users moving around every which way, and i wouldnt recommend they go to anyone but Telstra in the medium term, but that does not invalidate the improvements Vodafone have been making.

          It doesn't really matter for me that they are better now. When I was a paying customer of theirs they were terrible so im not going to give them my business now they are better they shoild have been better all along.

      My service used to be abysmal but has been improving as well. I am in metro Sydney, and plan on staying with Voda now due to improvements. Also, still being on their best plan $45 / unlimited.

    As a Vodafone user, I complained in November about lack of proper service to which I was assured things would be improving after January and new towers, etc where I lived. This information seems correct with it all as I live nearby Alexandria actually. I have held off on cancelling my Voda contract of $45/unlimited everything as it is the best bang for buck still. I can tell you now from my experience I have 100% less drop outs & less network errors with Vodafone in the past few months. I am looking forward to purchasing a 920 and still using this great plan :)

      really? hopefully things improve in all the areas i hang out in. Worst part is i can see their chatwood office tower building logo and all from my balcony and yet i can't make a call lol.
      So sick of it. No 3g or 2g at all. I'm even at the top of a hill with properties on three sides around me being lower than my balcony and the other being level with me and atleast 30 metres away.
      they really need to improve the signal strength. I have to balance my phone on a window sill just to recieve texts.

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