Win A VAIO Duo 11 From Sony And Giz: Vote For Week Three's Best Entries

Round three: fight! Giz has teamed up with Sony Australia and Intel Australia to give away almost $6000 of Sony Vaio Duo 11s hybrids. All you have to do to enter is grab an old piece of technology and explain why you need to UpTrade to a VAIO Duo 11 from Sony. To get you inspired, check out the *87* fantastic entries we've received this week.

Week 3 Winner...

Thomas Jack Oxley. Huge congrats Thoams -- that's a nice old Mac you've scribbled over there! You beat out 87 great entries, so well done.

Meanwhile, I wonder who will win week 4..?

VAIO Duo 11 from Sony: A tablet and an Ultrabook rolled into one.

• There's a Vaio Duo 11 from Sony up for grabs each week in February.

• We're taking your votes into account, so don’t forget to share the comp with your friends!

• Photos need to include at least one piece of technology (dating from before year 2000) alongside the following sentence: “I want to UpTrade this / these for the #VAIODuo11 from Sony

Think you can beat the entries below? This week's entries close Tuesday 19th February 10am AEDT!

Send Giz your entries here!

Vote For Your Favourite!

*87* entries and counting...

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Charmaine Ng

Graham Jupp

Joshua Niranjan

Mitch Jones

Milan Ninchich

NIck Robertson

Patrick Chan

Petra Oleyar

Steve Perryman

Jarrad Aspden

Tory Huth

Geire Kami

Adrian CV

Bernard Buterin

Randal Tokody

Ben and Jodie McNamara

Cris Algoso

Dylan Van Beers

Frederick Bassett

Jack Cragie

Joel Finlay

Luke Bishop

Jason Benedek

Adrian Doherty

Alex Miles

Thomas Jack Oxley

Weiye Chen

Richard Pascoe

Jarrod Penfold

Vernon Durling

Chery Deacon

Ross Colvin

Victor Sody

Jarrad Mettimano

Michael Hetherton

Charbel Salloum

Morris Burton

Ross Colvin

Ross Colvin

David Sloan

Barrie Sanders

Colin Beutel

Cor Dejong (Entry 1)

Cor Dejong (Entry 2)

Carolyn Ienna (Entry 1)

Carolyn Ienna (Entry 2)

Christine Morris

Charbel Salloum (Entry 2)

Sarah Hughes

Vu Tran

Ngoc Quoc Phan

Louise O'Brien

Michael Cornelio

Molly Cragie

Noleen McRae

Noleen McRae

Roger Warren

Tony Jones

William Hunter

Beau Barnnett

Will Ong

Allan Gallagher

Louis Wong

Ryan Quinn

Huu Nguyen

Denis Dijkhuizen

Denis Dijkhuizen

Karmen Lu

Ma Jasmin Pauline Lim

Andrew Oosthuizen

Brad Collins

Mitchell Howden

William Delaforce

David Johnson

Dane Procter

Garry James

Jenny Thi Tran

Kelly Elgri

Karmen Lu

Kozo Morimoto

Mark Longmuir

Michael Thompson

Nick Findlay

Richard Tuvey

Simon Gnieslaw

Scott McKay

Simon Smithson


    Oh Bernard, thankyou for a brief trip down non-volatile memory lane. That Amstrad CPC6128 you have there was my first ever computer. I still remember that fateful day way back in the mid 80's when a mate and I spent all day painstakingly typing a game program into the computer from a magazine... and then one of us mistakingly typed "CLS" without saving our work. Ten points for anyone that can remember what CLS does.

    Tau Ceti, Fighter Pilot, Dynamite Dan, Elite.... oh the joy.

      Clear Screen!
      I have had similar experiences!

        100 Credits to you, Commander Jameson. Proceed to Lave Station.

          I have the CPC646 with the green screen and cassette drive. I would spend a whole day typing a game out, then spend 30mins waiting for it to load only to find out that I had typed something wrong somewhere and have to start again!

      I thought that typing CLS was fine, you could just type LIST to get your lines of code back up. Well that's what I remember... I mostly used this as a game machine when I was in primary school.

      The most programming I did was creating menu's to launch a bunch of games compiled on to a single disk then duplicating the disks, especially since the ram was 128k and the disk held 175k per side...

      I wonder if I didn't crop out the 33.6k modem and dot matrix printer If I'd had gotten more votes.

      I had seen a CPC646 but what I saw much later on was a "laptop" version that had both 3" & 3.5" floppy drives. I'm still interested in how the TAPE's were encoded, as I don't have a tape drive or tape I never worked that out. There are some CPC emulators around also.

    Don't trade the pacman!

      Look, I'll admit... it's a struggle, looking down the barrel of a future that holds approximately 100% less Coleco in my life.

      But then I remember the amount of time spent playing that game as a kid versus the amount of time I spent wishing I could punch it, and the ratio comes out at about 1:1. Which makes it seem easier, somehow.

    Hey Danny Allen/Gizmodo team, after looking at this weeks entries, i noticed the entry titled "Charbel Salloum (Entry 1)" is unfortunately not one of my own which is sort of depressing because it has more likes than my second entry. i did submit another image and have since resubmitted the same image but i just thought it was fair to let you know. hopefully i won't be kicking myself for it later. Thanks

    Some back-story for that Commodore VIC-20 with white-out on it: My brother Cor actually taught me how to type on it. Would be awesome if he wins ^^. His b-day is coming up and it would replace a shitty old 2007 HP laptop and he's too stubborn to upgrade and i'm too tired of fixing.

    Go Go V-20!

    Last edited 16/02/13 10:11 am

    Photo has been submitted. Is there a confirmation email that is sent out?

    I'm sorry but some of these items are too good to be given away to Sony, like the classic gaming and photography gear, these people deserve to be downvoted

    Power Glove... As Tiny Tina would say "S**t just got real!"

      In the immortal words of Fred Savage: 'Just keep your power gloves off her.'

    Sam Neilson gets a good vote from me cause of the minidisc they have sitting there next to the player. Propellorheads - DecksandDrumsandRockandRoll was a great album!

    Ummm that's my mini disk under Sam Neilson name... I'm Randal.
    Oh and it still is a great album!

    love the QR code for the text on the Sony CMDX-1000 phone, very original original way of doing the text and a nice phone too.

      Not really. Someone else has already done it in previous weeks' entry.

    Hi there, Just curious if you have receive my entry? I didnt get an email confirmation so just wanted to double check!

    I hope that the judges look at my creativity rather than whoever happens to have the coolest/oldest gear lying around or the most friends to put in votes for them.

    Also, I hope that the judges consider that some entrants might be clearing their cookies so they can make multiple votes for themselves. I only did it once just to see if it is possible (so you can take 1 vote off my total). I have asked a handful of friends to vote for me, but that's as far as I'm going to go, I'm not going to outright cheat... I'm here to win fairly, (with a little help from my beautiful fiancé of course).

    I hope I can get a winning entry, I desperately need a new laptop (reasons in my image if you go full screen). I'm already thinking of some ideas for next week :-)

    Edit: I've given everyone with a creative entry 5 stars. Also the fridge too, for thinking outside the box, that is creative.

    Last edited 18/02/13 1:14 am

      My sentiments exactly Simon. I hope they choose someone who creatively portrayed their gear & tag-line. I have a large Google+ community backing my brother's entry, and it's disturbing to see two entries appear overnight and receive top votes in less than 12 hours. Bots? VPNs? Cache Clearing? Oh my!

      Last edited 18/02/13 9:44 am

        Don't worry. Voting is part of it, but judges definitely get final say and are looking specifically for creative entries.

          Fantastic Danny. Thanks for appeasing our minds, mate. Gonna make one final plea from my G+ community for votes on the Commodore Vic-20. Good luck everyone!

    Hi Danny,
    Did you get my 2 entries I posted over the weekend (one was the ancient camera) or am I too late for this week & should I post them for next week?

      Hi Noleen, in the midst of posting them both now.

        Hi Danny, I left my week 3 entry bit late this week due to it being a "weather permitting" shot and didnt manage to post it until 3pm Monday arvo, cant see it online this morning and I was hoping it would be included in the week 3 entries. I realise there is likely no chance for me to get any votes on it now, but hoping it will still be eligible for week 3 at least.

          Danny, I also submitted my entry for Week 3 yesterday afternoon. Hope it gets included.

            Heya Josh, your entry has been posted and will be considered for week 3.

          Heya Graham, your entry is posted -- as you mentioned, came in well before cut off and will be considered for week 3. Good luck!

    Good luck to all - the PowerGlove is by far and away my favourite entry. I haven't seen one of those things in years, man.

    Cheers Simon, totally unexpected so many great entries. It will be really amazing for uni. Im a Sony fan boy by heart too which helps, can't wait for the PS4.

    Cheers go to Danny too. Thanks

    Last edited 23/02/13 9:36 pm

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