US Law Enforcement Is Probably Hunting A Fugitive Using Drones

Christopher Dorner, is an ex-LAPD cop who allegedly killed three people, and is now on the run. Donner has successfully evading police for over a week now, and to finally track him down, it seems that US law enforcement is pulling out all the stops. According to the Express, Dorner is now a target for drones, among the first ever on US soil.

The Express quotes a "senior police source" as having said:

The thermal imaging cameras the drones use may be our only hope of finding him. On the ground, it's like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Riverside Police Chief Sergio Diaz, a joint leader of the force tasked with finding Dorner has confirmed -- though not explicitly -- and is quoted as saying "We are using all the tools at our disposal." And a third, vague conformation comes from Customs and Border Patrol spokesman Ralph DeSio who is quoted as saying the agency is on the "forefront of domestic use of drones by law enforcement," while declining to elaborate further.

It wouldn't be the first time drones have every been involved in a law enforcement operation in the US. As early as 2011 there was an incident in which Predator drones hunted down fugitives and directly lead to their ultimate arrest. Still, the practice is far from widespread. Presumably, the drones looking for Dorners heat signature are unarmed. Presumably.

Should armed drones actually be authorised to fire on Dorner, then it would be a first, and frankly a terrifying precedent. And considering all the collateral damage that's already happened, adding drone fire to the mix would be a horrible idea. Unmanned eyes in the sky could be the ticket to ending the week-long search, but you can't unset a precedent. [The Express via Matt Novak, Adam Pash]



    But it protects police lives lol. You can bet your arse they're using surveillance drones.

    Under the new federal laws in the U.S. this could be construed as domestic terrorism.

    Can't WAIT until they start flying armed drones in The Fourth Reich, it would be such sweet irony.

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    Hopefully they Do use lethal force in the USA some time in the future, then the libertarians lobyists can earn their "pay packets" by suing the ass off the Federal Government, or start mass riots in Protest if there is a "poor response" from the Obamiban..
    (They may be chasing a rogue cop (the state), but this would indicate covert action against the wider citizenry.)
    Make Tahir Square look like a picnic...

    Then again, 'we in the civilised world', probably would let it go without raising our eyes from the morning gizmodo story, sipping our Non-Free-trade Latte.

    The idea of Riots or successful legal action (though the criminal gangs in England may get up to it on occasion (2011)... NB: it was NOT a riot because the cops killed some innocent, rather a criminally triggered rampage following the death of a a known criminal...) succeeding, the idea of Toppling governments in the 'West' is almost laughable.... THEY (the 0.001%) would have guns on the streets within hours.. Make Syria look like an understatement.... Chem Response anyone....

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      How do libertarians get paid? Why would a libertarian sue the US for killing a cop? Aren't libertarians against the state and it's tools (i.e. the Police force)?
      The last paragraph makes no sense to me at all. Is this a cryptic reference to the London riots, and some perception that it was a revolution, and that some sort of legal battle was one by the rioters?

      Surely every US citizen on US soil is still innocent (until proven guilty by a court of law).

      Lol, Obamiban. Really? I recommend going outside and getting some Vitamin D.

    FFS watch a little less Today Tonight, Mr. Limer.

    IF these drones contained miniature nuclear-powered heat seeking missiles with a payload of anthrax, THEN WE SHOULD ALL BE TERRIFIED AHHAGHJAGHGHAGHAHHAHHAGHHAHG

    Dont they suspect he's hiding in snow covered forest. What collateral damage.

    1st paragraph of article...

    'According to the Express, Dorner is now a target for drones, among the
    first ever on US soil.'

    Second last paragraph...

    'It wouldn’t be the first time drones have every been involved in a law enforcement operation in the US.'

    Which is it supposed to be, first time or not first time?

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