Twitter Interviews Are Apparently Now A Thing

Twitter Interviews Are Apparently Now A Thing

If you don’t want to read a piece about the horrid state of our society, please go no further. Apparently companies are throwing traditional in-person interviews out the window in favour of Twitterviews: Twitter. Interviews.

What a #cool #social #way #to #think. Let’s think about how that might pan out.

  • @SocialCompanyX: So @SocialMediaNinja87, what’s your greatest weakness?
  • @SocialMediaNinja87 Great question, @SocialCompanyX. Some say I’m TOO committed, LOL. I care TOO much and I work TOO hard and I also think tha
  • @IdiotCompany Sorry @SocialMediaNinja87, didn’t catch that last part.

Wait. That doesn’t work because you just run out of characters. And the interviewer has no idea what you’re actually like in person. Who knows, they could be getting catfished so hard. A Twitter interview is as much of an interview as this insufferable Vine resume is a resume. That is to say it’s not an interview at all.

It is, however, more similar to a car crash. You can’t look away. That Vine will be playing on loop in hell while you answer questions for your Twitterview. [ABC via Refinery29]