Twitter Adds LOLCAT To Supported Language List

Twitter has announced that it has added some new user interface languages that nobody gives a damn about. Its biggest achievement: including LOLCAT as an option. Yes, people, they have localised their entire user interface — not an easy task — using the stupid wording from the lolcat memes. You are so clever, Twitter.

Aren't you glad these clowns spent time adding this idiotic option to make all of us laugh? I mean it as opposed of investing those resources in implementing useful and much needed features, like two-factor login authentication. That's too boring and useful.

Or maybe just fix all their apps' bugs. You know, like the OS X app, which sucks and looks so fuzzy on Retina displays that is unusable because it causes headaches. Or make sure your servers never go down. But no, people, this time the joke is still on us. Like always.

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