Turns Out You Can Actually Backflip A Mini Cooper

Ever looked at the traffic jam on your way to work one day and thought: "I could backflip this and save so much time..."? Turns out you can actually backflip a hatchback — a Mini Cooper to be precise — but only in a very specific and very icy set of circumstances.

Just remember, don't try this one from John Cooper Works at home. [YouTube]


    Thats just pretty basic engineering calculations in action. Once they know the precise weight and weight distribution (to calculate the moment of inertia) of the mini cooper as well as the angles and heights of the ramps it's simply a matter of telling the driver to hit the ramp at speed = xxx.

    But still cool to watch.


      Awww. you explaning it was like getting told Santa isn't real.

    Now do a barrel roll

    To clarify, its a Mini Countryman, rather than a Cooper.

    Now do it in a 'real' Mini

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