Turn Paper Airplanes Into Full-On Drones With This Little Rod Of Power

Everybody loves a good paper aeroplane, but the problem is they only fly straight, and that's only so much fun. Well, that about to be a problem of the past. Thanks to the Power Up 3.0, you can not only outfit your paper creations with a motor, but steer them directly from your phone.

A new version of the company's previous paper-plane powerpack, the 3.0 not only pushes your plane forward, but has a remote controlled tail you can tweak with the accompanying iPhone app to steer your little jet in for whatever kind of landing you can manage. All you have to do is set the drive-shaft into the fold of your aeroplane and its ready to go. The PowerUp 3.0 is due out this fall and, unfortunately, we didn't get the chance to actually see the sucker in action, but if it lives up to even half of its promise, it should be a blast. We can't wait to get our hands on one. Or maybe two. Dogfights, baby.

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