Tiny Screen-Cleaning Roomba-Like Robot Redefines Overkill

We all hate it when screens are covered in greasy fingerprints, but it's nothing a shirt sleeve or microfibre cloth can't fix. What the world doesn't need is a tiny Roomba-like cleaning device designed specifically for cleaning fingerprints.

Takara Tomy's new Auto Mee S will be available in Japan on March 28. It uses a pair of rotating cleaning pads on the underside to rid a display of dust and fingerprints. A set of three wheels let it roam over a tablet or smartphone screen, while sensors detect when to change direction.

It can clean a smartphone display in just four minutes, and a tablet in eight minutes. It's fortunately priced at a reasonable $US17 in your choice of four different colours.

[Takara Tomy via Akihabara News]

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