Short Film Co-Written By Artificial Intelligence. It's Suitably Hilarious

There are enough nonsensical and/or awful human-authored films out there to last anyone a lifetime. So what could a synthetic screenwriter add to the creative fold? Quite a lot, actually, including somehow in-context references to Robert Frost and Chuck Norris.

The (very) short film above, entitled "Do You Love Me", was constructed from a brainstorming back-and-forth between director Chris R. Wilson and CleverBot, a modern-day version of venerable ELIZA. CleverBot is supposedly able to converse with a human, a task I'm sure it does with some expertise, but when it comes to spit-balling a movie script? Well, the utterly random, yet sporadically coherent results are visible right here.

If you'd like to see the full transcript of the conversation that produced this, uh, masterpiece, it's available in the video's description on YouTube.

[YouTube, via Blastr]

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