This Perpetual Motion Machine Isn't Perpetual, But It's Still Awesome

This guy claims that this invention is a perpetual motion machine, the Philosopher's Stone of physics, the Holy Grail of power. Play the video and check it out for yourself.

The machine uses neodymium magnets and some simple mechanics to achieve its feat. It actually moves into its own for quite a while. How much is that while, we don't know. Of course, it is not going to be perpetual. Even if there was no friction -- and inevitable energy loss -- the magnets will lose its magnetism after a few years.

But even while the machine will stop because physics are just that stubborn, it's cool to watch. Magnets are always cool, and all the demos that lead to the machine are neat. [Thanks Oscar!]


    That is cool lookin' and useless :P

      Nah, it's totally useful for blowing non-physics people's minds :) I'd be great if you could have it go throughout an entire dinner party. Introduce your friends to it at the start and then point out to them when they leave that it's still going :P Would be cool as a desk toy too.

      not really useless... if you attached a magnet on a shaft to it, you could have it spin in a coil and generate free electricity. (granted not much, but as a proof of concept, it's got potential)

        I'd imagine it'd make it stop significantly quicker though :P

          That it would. The rotational energy in the system would be transferred to electrical energy outside the system, and the motion would stop.

    Totally read neodymium as diamondium. The professor would have been proud.

      Yeah, not the cheap arse diamondillium.

    a couple more of these and Mars here we come!!!!

    No one's made an Insane Clown Posse reference yet? Good.

    ....wait. Damn.

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    "because physics are just that stubborn"

    Is the donkey who usually edits Engadget Lite not in today?

    Here is the thing I never get about perpetual motion, In order for it to actually be useful, a device would need to output MORE energy than was put into it to make it do any work (like say, power a lightbulb), otherwise you just have a fancy piece of art.

      Because the idea is once you make a machine that makes enough power to run its self. .
      Improve it and do it on larger scale until it can power a lightbulb with the excess power.
      (Not make the exact amount of power to needed to run its self).

    If anyone says to you that perpetual motion is impossible, ask them if you can borrow their
    time machine, so that you too can travel to the end time, to prove their statement right, as they
    must have done, to have made that statement in the first place.

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