This Mug Would Let Tea Drinkers Say Goodbye To Spoons For Good

Spoons? You don't need no spoons. Or at least you wouldn't if the SlingsHOT mug became a reality, because the shape of its handle is designed especially to let you deal with teabags using just your bare hands.

There's a groove running up and around the handle of the SlingsHOT mug, which both keeps the bag from falling into the cup, and also allows the user to pull the string back, slingshot-style, to squeeze water from the bag. That means no more squeezing with spoons or scalded fingers. Simple, but terribly effective.

Sadly, the cup is currently just a design concept by Samir Sufi -- but it may yet make it into production. [Laughing Squid via Yanko Design]


    Worst idea ever. String will break off 98% of the time and then you will need to use a spoon in order to scoop the teabag from the bottom on the mug.

      This is exactly what I was thinking, wait until you spill a boiling hot cup of tea on yourself because of this simple idea. The tea bags can't hold themselves let alone a mug. I need sugar too, so a teaspoon is required regardless as Shep mentioned.

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    I'm not nitpicking but how strong is the string attached to a tea bag?

    Not being a tea drinker myself i wouldnt know, but pulling on it once hot and putting strain near the joint, may result in teabags becoming a problem again.

      Only one way to find out - To Shapeways!

    Never mind that - squeezing the teabag makes a dreadful cup of tea.

    Spoons? You don’t need no spoons

    Oh you drink your tea with sugar? Well then..

      Exactly what I was thinking.

        yeah same... or milk...

        'sorry sir, spoons have been deemed obsolete. you'll have to swirl your mug slowly and hope for the best'

    Oh you ruin your tea with sugar?

    I leave the spoon in my cup even after the tea-bag is out and the sugar is welll stirred in.
    At home my wife drinks decaf tea (she's breastfeeding) and we don't want to accidently swap mugs.
    And at work we have not enough spoons so by keeping mine in my mug I will never have to hunting for a spoon when I'm ready to make my next cuppa.

    I think this SlingsHOT mug is just a weird blend of hopefulness and sillyness.

      Dude. Leave your teabag in cup. That and use two teabags. For the extra kick.

        Naaaaah, I find that if you leave the bag in too long it becomes quite bitter. One minute in freshly boiled water is heaps of time to brew your tea.
        And I would only use 2 bags if I had a really huge mug.

        If I need a real kick I'll get some V or RedBull.

          2.5 teaspoons of sugar and two teabags in a standard mug. Little milk and water hotter than the surface temperature than the sun.

          That'll give more of a kick than any energy drink. ;)

    It's a good idea and in fact patented and produced about 25 years ago by Highwave in California with the HighTea, Model Tea and now the reTEA. The current reTEA was made from the original hand made model discovered in the bottom of a box on a pallet of prototype molds. This design was never produced in the past. The hand made rustic shape was designed for comfort and is made directly from that historic master mold. The main benefit is for those that want to double dip their bags, an easy place for your bag to hang out.

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