This Is What King Richard III Looked Like

Yesterday, archaeologists confirmed that they had discovered the remains of British King Richard III beneath a parking lot. A team of experts has created a facial reconstruction of the deceased monarch and it's... terrifying?

The reconstruction was produced using a variety of techniques. At its core lies data from anatomical assessment using CT scans, but the flesh itself relied on some degree of interpretation, which involved close inspection of portraits of Richard III. When experts were in agreement that their digital model was accurate, it was printed using stereolithography — an additive form of 3D printing.

When printed, the model was made to look more realistic by adding texture, colour and a wig. Janice Aitken, who painted the 3D replica, explains:

"My part in the process was purely interpretive rather than scientific. Guided by Professor Wilkinson's expertise, I drew on my experience in portrait painting, using a combination of historical and contemporary references to create a finished surface texture."

The result is certainly striking. Experts seem to agree that the face seems calmer, more thoughtful and generally less tyrannical than other depictions of Richard III. For what it's worth, we think it resembles a certain character from a film called Shrek.

[Daily Mail]

Picture: Getty; Dreamworks

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