This Is What Happens When Your Baker Doesn't Get Things Quite Right

The scene: a woman goes to buy a cake for, oh, let's say her cat Whiskers's birthday. She decides to put a photo of Whiskers's face on top of the cake because oh isn't that fun and also she's a very lonely woman. She hands the baker a USB drive and asks that she use the photo. The baker smiles and nods in understanding, yet, going by the end result, didn't get it right. At all.

Now, with the limited information we have, we may never know the real story. Maybe the flash drive held a picture of the flash drive itself. Maybe it was all a filthy lie in one woman's quest for internet infamy. Maybe Kim Dotcom's encryption methods are even more elaborate and/or delicious than anyone could have ever dreamed. Or maybe, just maybe, the stars briefly aligned as one woman's lack of understanding met another's overly complicated request to create the perfect storm of USB pastries. [Imgur via Twitter user Brian Harris]


    If you're going to imply things just to have a dig at a 3rd party why not also add that the woman may have taken the photo on an iPhone 5?

    This is an amazing story. Truly, truly incredible.

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    Seems fishy to me. Anyone who's actually got an edible ink set up would probably know how to use it correctly. Furthermore, they would have actually had to take a picture of the USB stick and then print that... Seems like an internal joke to me. I think I'd find it funny if someone got me a cake with that on it (especially given that my partner is a baker/pastry chef).

    Insert USB into laptop --> Drive is labelled "Whiskers"


    Dear Giz, we get in this day and age of consumer driven content, a requirement to constantly maintain a media tech site means running a variety of stories to drive traffic but this is beyond pathetic


    Having say, fifty average stories there will only ever be a small number of which that are actually entertaining tho with one pointless irrelevant piece you destroy our desire to return to find them!!

      Feel free to visit another site if you like. No one is forcing you to be here.

        This is Australia. There is no other site.

          So cnet Australia doesn't actually exist according to you?

          The internets lets you visit sites from all over the world nowadays.
          'mazing huh?

    Graham Norton did a segment on this once. He had at least half-a-dozen similar pictures, like a cake that had on it "Happy Birthday Mike, in italics please" and thigns like that.

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