This Is The Weirdest Australian Police Story You'll Read All Day

I doubt you'd ever be bored as a member of the New South Wales Police Force, especially with stories like this: Police raided a property last week, seized a number of unregistered high-powered rifles hidden in shacks, caves and ditches, yet no charges are to be laid against the owner. How does that work?

Police raided a property in Putty Valley, New South Wales and discovered a nice little armoury:

In a small shack, police located a semi-automatic .223 calibre US carbine rifle and a loaded semi-automatic Winchester brand over/under 12 gauge shotgun, along with ammunition and magazines for these weapons.

Officers also searched an escarpment and a number of small caves on the property. In one, they located a Ruger mini 14 semi-automatic rifle, along with ammunition stored in a plastic barrel.

None of the weapons was registered.

Three unregistered guns — one of them loaded — and a whole drum of ammunition will cost you a bunch of jail time, but interestingly, the owner escaped charge. Why? Well it's a bit of a tragic end, really:

No charges are to be laid in relation to these weapons, as the owner is deceased.

Aw. Vale, crazy gun owner who liked caves and shacks. [NSW Police]

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    They raided a property, the residents claimed the guns were owned by a deceased relative...

    Doesn't sound weird to me at all, happens all the time.

    Even if the owner were alive, they'd probably have to prove that the owner had knowledge that they were there.

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    With respect, this is not really a story at all. Police founds some guns! woooaahhh, hold the phone! And no resolution to the question posed. Is there a quality control via an editor for this online magazine out of interest?


    Not all information is disclosed about matters that a reported to the public. Sometimes that missing information makes a big difference to how a story is perceived. I'm sure if you think about it, you would agree that detectives from the State Crime Command Robbery and Serious Offenders Squad don't travel from Sydney to the Hunter Valley and execute search warrants on random caves without a very good reason.

    I'm reasonably confident that there is no such thing as a "semi-automatic Winchester brand over/under 12 gauge shotgun", or any other type of semi-automatic over-under shotgun. That type of shotgun is break-open, and is possibly the furthest thing from semi-automatic there is.

      I'm no gun expert, but isn't the shotgun they're talking about just like the one from Terminator2, when arnie's on the motorbike shooting at the truck? Like the Winchester, lever action shotgun or something like that?

        A semi-automatic is defined by the characteristic of automatically chambering a round after each round is fired (as opposed to a fully-automatic, which chambers and fires automatically while the trigger is depressed). An over and under shotgun is essentially the same as a side by side shotgun, just twisted over. It is used mainly in skeet shooting for more accurate shooting. It also requires that after shooting your rounds (pre-chambered), you break open the barrel, discard the spent shells, and then replace the shells by hand. A lever action shotgun automates the process of chambering/discarding the shell, however the shooter still must pull the lever out and in after each shot. These weapons are classified as lever-action, which still do not fall under the category of semi-automatic, just like bolt-action and pump-action.

        Dry, but I hope that helps.

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    Why do I bother reading Gizmodo?

      Lol i know, i think it used to be good?

        Same here - I keep coming back thinking surely it'll improve soon, but no. More out of nostalgia than anything else. These days I read The Verge first as my main source of tech/geek news, then check out the old Giz if I get some free time. RSS-removal is imminent though I reckon... :(

    Wtf is wrong with Gizmodo, this the the stupidest article ever. I re-read the f'ing thing 3 times to try figure out what the "weirdest" thing is... Giz is getting verrrry close to be removed from my RSS Reader!!

      The thing that also really shits me up the wall, is you *think* you know the good journo's too. I see Luke Hopewell name on this article, and i think oh good, something worth reading/decent. So not the case, did your editor push you to post this? I dont get it...

        Its strange isnt it, I have the same feelings and im getting close to removing it from my rss too. The thing that really annoys me is how many articles are posted by giz every day. Its like they have an absolute minimum amount of posts, so we end up with this dumb shit on a tech site! I would prefer if they slashed the amount by half and upped the quality, to be fair you dont make more money that way but there is only so far you can push it

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