This Is The Weirdest Australian Police Story You’ll Read All Day

This Is The Weirdest Australian Police Story You’ll Read All Day

I doubt you’d ever be bored as a member of the New South Wales Police Force, especially with stories like this: Police raided a property last week, seized a number of unregistered high-powered rifles hidden in shacks, caves and ditches, yet no charges are to be laid against the owner. How does that work?

Police raided a property in Putty Valley, New South Wales and discovered a nice little armoury:

In a small shack, police located a semi-automatic .223 calibre US carbine rifle and a loaded semi-automatic Winchester brand over/under 12 gauge shotgun, along with ammunition and magazines for these weapons.

Officers also searched an escarpment and a number of small caves on the property. In one, they located a Ruger mini 14 semi-automatic rifle, along with ammunition stored in a plastic barrel.

None of the weapons was registered.

Three unregistered guns — one of them loaded — and a whole drum of ammunition will cost you a bunch of jail time, but interestingly, the owner escaped charge. Why? Well it’s a bit of a tragic end, really:

No charges are to be laid in relation to these weapons, as the owner is deceased.

Aw. Vale, crazy gun owner who liked caves and shacks. [NSW Police]

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