This Is Probably The Best Video On YouTube

People did some awesome stuff in 2012. Thankfully, action cameras exist so that all this insanity can be shared with the world. Some kind soul has put it all together against a bangin' soundtrack to make what I'm calling the best video on YouTube.

The video features everything from crazy animals, snowboarding flips, parkour insanity, Felix Baumgartner, awesome cosplay, BASE jumping and the hottest cars, dance moves and girls* 2012 had to offer.

It's called "This Is What The Internet Is Made For", and I'd have to agree. [Reddit]

Update: Why must all good things come to an end? The video was taken down, unfortunately, but another kind soul has compiled a list of all the videos that the compilation covered. You can find that here.

Update 2: It's ok, there's a mirror. Video is back up!

*NSFW-ish in places.

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    Sorry, but that was kind of crap.

      Yeah I kinda only watched half of it. Got bored.

        Sorry guys, but what sort of sad life are you living where this montage of human skill and self challenge bores you?

          It's the video overall. The 'amateur' versions of 2012 amazing people videos are better than this.

            I liked it so far, but haven't watched the whole thing yet. Bookmarked to view later. Do u have a link to the amateur version?

          Well I think they're trying to say that there are a lot better videos out there. I've seen way better perople are awesome videos with more complex stunts, trickshots etc. The intro to this vid was a bit long too and although the music was epic it got a bit boring at times

          So.. women's contribution to "human skill and self challenge" is dancing in´╗┐ bikinis?

            Agree, it's lame. And I have no problem with the content on it's own, I'm no prude. But having 95% dudes in awesome slow mo action sports shots + 5% females in bikinis, totally ruins the credibility of this piece. They couldn't find a few more high def shots of awesome female athletes?

            Yeah, it's a bit sexist that they didn't include any of men in bikinis :P
            In all seriousness though, this should have been included:

              I suggest that anyone complaining about women in bikinis instead of grown men dressed as Nintendo characters or fat ninjas should be forced to partake in a compulsory citizenship test.

              Vote beakeroo.

      Wouldnt say it was crap, it was pretty cool, it had cars drifting, bikes, hot girls, people doing crazy things, humans being awesome but just didnt wow me. Maybe short attention span but it was hard trying to watch the full 12 mins of it, even yawned at one point. Great being we are humans but as far as the coolest video ever, i'm going to disagree.

      Take out the skanky chicks which are smeared all the way through, and it might have been ok.

    Yeah i'm going to have to agree, average at best. What was with all the half naked girls? Even i thought it was a bit much.

    Kinda tried to hard last 3rd of movie

    So let me get this right... According to this video the internet was made for astronauts, extreme sports enthusiasts and misogynists. Hmmm.

    Bar the cosplay and dolphins, it's pretty much an ad for men's "sports" magazines.

    Looks more like a 19-year-old male circle jerk of fast cars, super cool tricks and pin-up girls.

    Hardly the best video on Youtube.

      Agreed. 19 year old me would have loved this, 27 year old me however, meh.

    there is far better inspirational moments in life than for example 'a busty chick rubbing down a table...

    Let's be honest, the best part was the owl at 6:17.

      I was going to skip this video, you made me hit play, skip to 6:17, "Naww" at the cuteness before moving on. Totally worth it!

    Interesting the number of people who thought it was crap or yawn-worthy. Personally I loved it, I'm 31 and I Kitesurf, Windsurf, Ski, Sail and a bunch of other stuff *shrug* I hope it always appeals to me.

      ...and love capitalising verbs

    This is the kind of thing I'd expect to see from an older relative who's just discovered the internet. They've just been done to death.

    In other news, HAHA check it out! This cat wants a cheeseburger... Classic.

    I enjoyed this. Took a while to get into it, but very glad I watched it.

    This video only makes me the hate those OH&S dicks even more than I do already because all that was shown here is not the world that they want to live in. And as for those who are so meh about the video, I'm betting they're sad little monkeys who are actually too scared to go outside and live their lives and so they're here instead 'deflecting' their insecurities through criticism. Yes we've all seen these kinds of videos before and it's nothing new but if you look at it as whole, you'll get a snapshot in the one of the better aspects of human existence and be astonished. Hopefully.

      as a women I reserve my right to be offended.. It's not just men who get into extreme sports..

        Um good for you but is that in reference to anything I said or is it just a comment in general?

    100 % Awsomeness! Had a huge smile on my face by the end! Thanks.

    You guys dont get hoe Gizmodo actually works, they want you to comment on this negatively, its all part of their marketing strategy!

    it would be cool, if the girlie bits we're edited out.. I'd even share it, but i don't want my friends to think i'm some perve..

      I may be able to edit those bits out if you want...


    This video fails for its lack of WRC, don't give me that crap about Ken Block being in there, thats not rally. It sort of makes up for it with the hula hoop scene.

      At least it had part of Solburg's France accident lol

    The video has been taken down by these guys:

    Spam them with emails until they release their false claim to this video. In the meantime there is another mirror of the video but it's not on youtube (Youtube's ContentID bullcrap can just screw right off and die!).

    I have been able to download it and am willing to mirror it on youtube if need be

    EDIT: there is another youtube mirror:
    I would recommend using the liveleak one as youtube does not give a crap about how invalid a copyright claim is

    Last edited 10/02/13 1:43 pm

      That video has ALSO been "removed by the user"... I am uploading another mirror of it.

      I will not be taking this one down unless the copyright trolls force me to

      The liveleak one has been removed by the copyright trolls...

      Last edited 11/02/13 9:56 am

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