This Is Probably The Best Video On YouTube

People did some awesome stuff in 2012. Thankfully, action cameras exist so that all this insanity can be shared with the world. Some kind soul has put it all together against a bangin' soundtrack to make what I'm calling the best video on YouTube.

The video features everything from crazy animals, snowboarding flips, parkour insanity, Felix Baumgartner, awesome cosplay, BASE jumping and the hottest cars, dance moves and girls* 2012 had to offer.

It's called "This Is What The Internet Is Made For", and I'd have to agree. [Reddit]

Update: Why must all good things come to an end? The video was taken down, unfortunately, but another kind soul has compiled a list of all the videos that the compilation covered. You can find that here.

Update 2: It's ok, there's a mirror. Video is back up!

*NSFW-ish in places.

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