This Foldable Scooter Could Almost Be Your Carry-On Luggage

Most folding scooters are missing something. You know, like a seat or actual portability. But the MOVEO from Turkish nonprofit Antro has a true mounted seat and folds to the size of a wheely suitcase. Intriguing.

The MOVEO has a carbon-composite body and weighs about 24 kilograms, heavy as luggage goes, but pretty light for a scooter. It tops out at a zippy 45kph. The battery is only good for about 25km, though, and takes an hour to charge from empty.

The MOVEO has been in development for five years, and Antro has only recently been able to produce a prototype. Actual production is supposed to start in early 2014 with a run of either 4,000 or 15,000 units depending on funding. A MOVEO is projected to cost between $US3,100 and $US4,600 depending on how things play out, but at this rate it may be a while.

[Antro via DVICE]

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