This Amazing Digital Clock Is Made Up Of 288 Different Analogue Clocks

Digital clocks might be easier to read, but analogue clocks are way classier. Design studio Humans Since 1982 decided to combine the best of both worlds and make a digital clock from 288 different analogue clocks. It's brain-meltingly delicious to see each analogue clock turn its hands to form a digital clock.

The wall-sized clock is called "A Million Times", and the 288 little clocks are powered by 576 electrical motors. It's like tiny independent brains are putting their minds together to accomplish one thing. Seeing the flutter and ticks of the giant clock changing time focuses your attention, like you're trying to decipher a Magic Eye book (only you're just trying to tell time).

"A Million Times" is actually a followup to Humans Since 1982's Clock Clock project (that digital clock only used 24 analogue clocks). This one makes time passing by look so much better. [Humans Since 1982 via Design Boom]

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